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pronunciation: kyuujuu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 90
keyword: number
translation: ninety
九十代: kyuujuudai: one's nineties <<<
九十分の一: kyuujuubunnnoichi: one ninetieth
九十番: kyuujuuban: the ninetieth <<<
第九十: daikyuujuu <<<
九十九: kyuujuukyuu, kujuuku, tsukumo: ninety-nine <<<


pronunciation: kyuuka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: holiday, vacation, leave of absence
休暇を取る: kyuukaotoru: make holiday, take a holiday <<<
休暇に成る: kyuukaninaru: (schools) break up <<<
休暇を許す: kyuukaoyurusu: grant leave of absence <<<
休暇届: kyuukatodoke: request for a vacation, leave of absence <<<
休暇願: kyuukanegai <<<
休暇願を出す: kyuukanegaiodasu: ask for a leave of absence <<<
病気休暇: byoukikyuuka: sick leave <<< 病気
有給休暇: yuukyuukyuuka: vacation with pay, paid holidays <<< 有給
冬期休暇: toukikyuuka: winter vacation, Christmas holidays <<< 冬期
夏期休暇: kakikyuuka: summer vacation [holidays] <<< 夏期
生理休暇: seirikyuuka: monthly physical leave <<< 生理
出産休暇: shussankyuuka: maternity leave <<< 出産
クリスマス休暇: kurisumasukyuuka: Christmas vacation <<< クリスマス
check also: 休日


pronunciation: kyuukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: adjournment, recess
休会する: kyuukaisuru: adjourn, go into recess
休会明け: kyuukaiake: post-holiday, post-recess <<<
休会中: kyuukaichuu: in recess <<<
check also: 閉会


pronunciation: kyuukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: suspension of publication
休刊する: kyuukansuru: suspend [discontinue] publication
休刊日: kyuukanbi: no-issue day <<<


pronunciation: kyuukei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show , school
translation: rest (n.), recess, break
休憩する: kyuukeisuru: rest (v.), recess, break
休憩室: kyuukeishitsu: lounge, resting room, foyer <<<
休憩所: kyuukeijo: resting spot <<<
休憩時間: kyuukeijikan: recess, interval <<< 時間
check also: 休息 , 休養


pronunciation: kyuuketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology
translation: bloodsucking, vampirism, hematophagy
吸血鬼: kyuuketsuki: bloodsucker, vampire <<<
吸血性: kyuukesei: hematophagous <<<
check also: ドラキュラ


pronunciation: kyuukon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: flower
translation: bulb
球根植物: kyuukonshokubutsu: bulbous plant <<< 植物
百合の球根: yurinokyuukon: lily bulb <<< 百合


pronunciation: kyuukon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: proposal [offer] of marriage, courtship
求婚する: kyuukonsuru: propose (to), court, woo
求婚者: kyuukonsha: suitor, wooer <<<
check also: 求愛


pronunciation: kyuukou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: express (train)
急行する: kyuukousuru: hasten
急行させる: kyuukousaseru: send at once
急行券: kyuukouken: express ticket <<<
急行便: kyuukoubin: express freight <<< 便
急行料: kyuukouryou: express charges <<<
急行料金: kyuukouryoukin <<< 料金
急行列車: kyuukouressha: express train <<< 列車
急行バス: kyuukoubasu: express bus <<< バス
富士急行: hujikyuukou: Fujikyu (a passenger transportation company around Mt. Fuji) <<< 富士
普通急行: hutsuukyuukou: ordinary express <<< 普通
check also: 快速


pronunciation: kyuukutsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: narrowness, constraint, stiffness, rigidity
窮屈な: kyuukutsuna: narrow, close, constrained, uncomfortable, stiff, rigid, strict
check also:

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