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pronunciation: kyuushoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: suspension from office [duty]
休職する: kyuushokusuru: cease to work, report sick
休職にする: kyuushokunisuru: suspend a person from office [duty]
休職給: kyuushokukyuu: waiting pay <<<
休職手当: kyuushokuteate <<< 手当


pronunciation: kyuushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Kyushu (Island, Region)
九州弁: kyuushuuben: dialect [accent] of Kyushu <<<
九州地方: kyuushuuchihou: Kyushu Region <<< 地方
九州大学: kyuushuudaigaku: University of Kyushu <<< 大学
九州新幹線: kyuushuushinkansen: highspeed train [railway] in Kyushu
check also: Kyushu


pronunciation: kyuushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: absorption, digestion, assimilation
吸収する: kyuushuusuru: absorb, imbibe, digest, assimilate
吸収性の: kyuushuuseino: absorbent (a.), absorptive <<<
吸収剤: kyuushuuzai: absorbent (n.) <<<
吸収力: kyuushuuryoku: absorbing power <<<
吸収熱: kyuushuunetsu: absorption heat <<<
吸収スペクトル: kyuushuusupekutoru: absorption spectra <<< スペクトル
共鳴吸収: kyoumeikyuushuu: resonance absorption <<< 共鳴
check also: 吸引


pronunciation: kyuusoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: quickness, rapidness, swiftness
急速な: kyuusokuna: quick, rapid, swift, hasty
急速に: kyuusokuni: quickly, rapidly, swiftly, in haste
急速に進歩する: kyuusokunishinposuru: advance [progress] quickly [rapidly] <<< 進歩
急速冷凍: kyuusokureitou: quick freezing <<< 冷凍
急速冷凍する: kyuusokureitousuru: quick-freeze
check also: 迅速 , 高速


pronunciation: kyuusoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: rest (n.), repose, breathing
休息する: kyuusokusuru: rest (v.), repose, breathe
休息場: kyuusokujou: resting place, bower <<<
休息所: kyuusokujo <<<
休息時間: kyuusokujikan: recess, break, rest, halt <<< 時間
synonyms: 安息 , 休憩 , 休養 , 一休み


pronunciation: kyuusu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: utensil
translation: (small) teapot
check also: ポット


pronunciation: kyuusui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: town
translation: water supply [service]
給水する: kyuusuisuru: supply water, supply with water
給水管: kyuusuikan: water pipe <<<
給水車: kyuusuisha: water wagon <<<
給水船: kyuusuisen: water boat <<<
給水所: kyuusuisho: water station <<<
給水塔: kyuusuitou: water tower <<<
給水栓: kyuusuisen: hydrant <<<
給水量: kyuusuiryou: supply of water, amount of water supplied <<<
給水制限: kyuusuiseigen: restricted [reduced] supply of water <<< 制限
給水ポンプ: kyuusuiponpu: feed pump <<< ポンプ
給水タンク: kyuusuitanku: water tank <<< タンク


pronunciation: kyuusui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: suction of water
吸水管: kyuusuikan: siphon, suction pipe <<< , サイフォン
吸水ポンプ: kyuusuiponpu: suction pump <<< ポンプ


pronunciation: kyuutei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: court, palace
宮廷の: kyuuteino: courtly
宮廷革命: kyuutekakumei: palace revolution <<< 革命
宮廷音楽: kyuuteiongaku: chamber music <<< 音楽
宮廷画家: kyuuteigaka: court painter <<< 画家
宮廷生活: kyuuteiseikatsu: court life <<< 生活
check also: 宮殿


pronunciation: kyuuyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: supply (n.), allowance, salary, wages
給与する: kyuuyosuru: allow, supply
給与金: kyuuyokin: allowance, grant <<<
給与改定: kyuuyokaitei: pay [wage] increase <<< 改定
給与所得: kyuuyoshotoku: earned income <<< 所得
給与所得者: kyuuyoshotokusha: wage earner <<<
給与審査: kyuuyoshinsa: salary review <<< 審査
給与明細: kyuuyomeisai: payslip <<< 明細
給与水準: kyuuyosuijun: wage level <<< 水準
給与体系: kyuuyotaikei: wage system <<< 体系
現物給与: genbutsukyuuyo: allowance in kind <<< 現物
check also: 給料

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