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pronunciation: kanbyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: nursing
看病する: kanbyousuru: nurse, tend, sit up with (a person)
看病疲れする: kanbyouZukaresuru: become exhausted from a long period of nursing <<<
看病人: kanbyounin: (sick) nurse <<<
check also: 看護


pronunciation: kanchigai , kanchigae
kanji characters: ,
translation: misunderstanding, misapprehension, misconception
勘違する: kanchigaisuru, kanchigaesuru: misunderstand, misapprehend, mistake
勘違して: kanchigaishite, kanchigaeshite: by mistake, mistakenly
check also: 間違


pronunciation: kanchou
kanji characters:
keyword: drug
translation: enema
浣腸する: kanchousuru: administer [give] an enema (to)
浣腸剤: kanchouzai: enema <<<
浣腸液: kanchoueki <<<
浣腸器: kanchouki: enema syringe <<<


pronunciation: kanchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: superintendent, director, chief [head] librarian, curator
図書館長: toshokanchou: curator of a library <<< 図書
check also: 所長


pronunciation: kanchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: commander of a war ship, captain
艦長室: kanchoushitsu: captain's cabin <<<
check also: 船長


pronunciation: kanchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration , politics
translation: government office, authorities
官庁の: kanchouno: official, governmental
官庁風: kanchouhuu: bureaucratic <<<
官庁街: kanchougai: area of government offices <<<
官庁用語: kanchouyougo: officialese <<< 用語
官庁政治: kanchouseiji: bureaucracy <<< 政治
官庁統計: kanchoutoukei: governmental statistics <<< 統計
行政官庁: gyouseikanchou: administrative organ [body] <<< 行政
監督官庁: kantokukanchou: competent authorities <<< 監督
管轄官庁: kankatsukanchou: competent authorities <<< 管轄
関係官庁: kankeikanchou: authorities concerned <<< 関係
check also: 政府 , 当局


pronunciation: kanchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: ebb tide, low tide [water]
干潮に成る: kanchouninaru: The tide is out <<<
干潮時に: kanchoujini: when the tide is out, at low tide <<<
check also: 引潮 , 満潮


pronunciation: kandai
kanji characters: ,
translation: magnanimity, generosity, leniency, tolerance
寛大な: kandaina: magnanimous, generous, lenient, tolerant, large-minded
寛大に: kandaini: magnanimously, generously, leniently, tolerantly
寛大に扱う: kandainiatsukau: deal with (a person) leniently <<<
寛大に取り扱う: kandainitoriatsukau
synonyms: 寛容


pronunciation: kandan
kanji characters: ,
translation: pleasant chat [talk]
歓談する: kandansuru: have a pleasant chat [talk] (with)
check also: 雑談


pronunciation: kanden
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: electric shock
感電する: kandensuru: receive an electric shock
感電死: kandenshi: death by an electric shock <<<
感電死する: kandenshisuru: be killed by an electric shock
check also: 電撃

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