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pronunciation: kadou
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 稼動
keyword: industry
translation: operation, activity
稼働率: kadouritsu: rate of operation <<<
稼働人口: kadoujinkou: man power <<< 人口
稼働日数: kadounissuu: workdays <<< 日数
再稼働: saikadou: restart of activity <<<
check also: 操業


pronunciation: kadou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: decoration
translation: art of flower arrangement
synonyms: 生花


pronunciation: kaen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: flame, blaze
火炎に包まれる: kaennnitsutsumareru: be enveloped in flames <<<
火炎瓶: kaenbin: Molotov cocktail, home-made fire bomb <<<
火炎放射器: kaenhoushaki: flame thrower


pronunciation: kaga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: Kaga (old name of south Ishikawa prefecture, a Japanese aircraft carrier sunk at Midway)
加賀国: kaganokuni: State of Kaga (old name of south Ishikawa prefecture) <<<
加賀屋: kagaya: merchant from Kaga region <<<
加賀藩: kagahan: Kaga domain <<<
加賀守: kaganokami: Governor of Kaga (anc.) <<<
check also: 石川


pronunciation: kagaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , technology
translation: science
科学的: kagakuteki: scientific <<<
非科学的: hikagakuteki: unscientific <<<
科学者: kagakusha: scientist <<<
科学書: kagakusho: scientific book <<<
科学時代: kagakujidai: science age <<< 時代
科学小説: kagakushousetsu: science fiction <<< 小説
科学映画: kagakueiga: science film <<< 映画
科学知識: kagakuchishiki: scientific knowledge <<< 知識
科学万能: kagakubannnou: almighty science <<< 万能
科学技術: kagakugijutsu: science and technology <<< 技術
科学技術庁: kagakugijutsuchou: Science and Technology Agency (1956-2001 in Japan) <<<
科学教育: kagakukyouiku: scientific education <<< 教育
科学博物館: kagakuhakubutsukan: science museum
情報科学: jouhoukagaku: information science <<< 情報
社会科学: shakaikagaku: social science <<< 社会
応用科学: ouyoukagaku: applied science <<< 応用
純正科学: junseikagaku: pure science <<< 純正
行動科学: koudoukagaku: behavioral science <<< 行動
自然科学: shizenkagaku: natural science <<< 自然
check also: 化学


pronunciation: kagaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: chemistry
化学の: kagakuno: chemical
化学式: kagakushiki: chemical formula <<<
化学者: kagakusha: chemist <<<
化学兵器: kagakuheiki: chemical weapon <<< 兵器
化学実験: kagakujikken: chemical experiment <<< 実験
化学変化: kagakuhenka: chemical reaction <<< 変化
化学反応: kagakuhannnou <<< 反応
化学薬品: kagakuyakuhin: chemicals <<< 薬品
化学記号: kagakukigou: chemical signs [symbols] <<< 記号
化学肥料: kagakuhiryou: chemical fertilizer <<< 肥料
化学繊維: kagakusenni: synthetic fiber <<< 繊維
化学療法: kagakuryouhou: chemotherapy <<< 療法
医化学: ikagaku: medical chemistry <<<
生化学: seikagaku: biochemistry <<<
生化学の: seikagakuno: biochemical
石油化学: sekiyukagaku: petrochemistry <<< 石油
物理化学: butsurikagaku: physical chemistry <<< 物理
分析化学: bunsekikagaku: analytical chemistry <<< 分析
量子化学: ryoushikagaku: quantum chemistry <<< 量子
生物化学: seibutsukagaku: biochemistry <<< 生物
応用化学: ouyoukagaku: applied chemistry <<< 応用
界面化学: kaimenkagaku: interface chemistry <<< 界面
低温化学: teionkagaku: cryochemistry <<< 低温
無機化学: mukikagaku: inorganic chemistry <<< 無機
有機化学: yuukikagaku: organic chemistry <<< 有機
check also: 科学


pronunciation: kagawa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Kagawa
香川県: kagawaken: Prefecture of Kagawa <<<
香川真司: kagawashinji: Shinji Kagawa (a Japanese soccer player)
check also: Kagawa


pronunciation: kagen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: lower limit, minimum
check also: 上限


pronunciation: kagen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food , mathematics
translation: degree, extent, taste, flavor (n.), seasoning, health, condition, adjustment, regulation, moderation, allowance, influence, addition and subtraction
加減する: kagensuru: moderate, adjust, regulate, modulate, make allowance for, flavor (v.)
加減を見る: kagennomiru: taste (v.), try the flavor <<<
加減が良い: kagengaii: be [feel] well, be in good condition <<<
加減が悪い: kagengawarui: be [feel] unwell [ill], be in bad condition <<<
加減乗除: kagenjoujo: addition subtraction multiplication and division, four rules of arithmetic
味加減: ajikagen: seasoning <<<
味加減が良い: ajikagengaii: be well seasoned <<<
味加減が悪い: ajikagengawarui: be badly seasoned <<<
匙加減: sajikagen: prescription, allowance, manipulation <<<
匙加減をする: sajikagennosuru: use one's discretion, make allowance (for)
手加減する: tekagensuru <<<
手加減: tekagen: allowance, knack, discretion
好い加減な: iikagennna: random, halfway, indifferent <<<
好い加減に: iikagennni: at random, indifferently
好い加減にやる: iikagennniyaru: do things by halves, scamp one's work
check also: 具合 , 調子


pronunciation: kagerou
other spells: 蜻蛉
keyword: insect
translation: dayfly, ephemera, dragonfly (anc.)
蜉蝣の様な: kagerounoyouna: ephemeral, short-lived <<<
蜉蝣の命: kagerounoinochi: ephemeral life [existence] <<<
check also: 蜻蛉

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