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pronunciation: kanni
kanji characters: ,
translation: simplicity
簡易な: kannina: simple, easy, plain
簡易にする: kanninisuru: simplify
簡易化する: kannikasuru <<<
簡易化: kannika: simplification
簡易保険: kannihoken: post-office life insurance <<< 保険
簡易住宅: kannijuutaku: simple frame house <<< 住宅
簡易生活: kanniseikatsu: simple life <<< 生活
簡易食堂: kannishokudou: quick-lunch room, cafeteria <<< 食堂 , カフェテリア
簡易宿泊所: kannishukuhakujo: cheap lodging-house
簡易裁判所: kannisaibansho: Summary Court <<< 裁判所
check also: 簡単 , 簡素


pronunciation: kannnin
kanji characters: ,
translation: patience, forgiveness
堪忍する: kannninsuru: forgive, excuse
堪忍袋の緒が切れる: kannninbukuronoogakireru: be out of a patience (with a person), One's patience is exhausted
check also: 我慢


pronunciation: kannnon
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 觀音
keyword: buddhism
translation: Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Kwannon
観音菩薩: kannnonbosatsu
観音開き: kannnonbiraki: double door <<<
check also: Kannon


pronunciation: kannnou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: sense, carnal desire
官能的: kannnouteki: sensuous <<<
官能基: kannnouki: functional group <<<
官能障害: kannnoushougai: sensory disorder <<< 障害
官能小説: kannnoushousetsu: erotic novel <<< 小説
官能主義: kannnoushugi: sensualism <<< 主義


pronunciation: kannnou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity , religion
translation: induction, action, efficacy, effect, sympathy
感応する: kannnousuru: induce, be effective, sympathize (with), respond (to)
感応作用: kannnousayou: induction <<< 作用
感応電流: kannnoudenryuu: induced current <<< 電流
感応コイル: kannnoukoiru: induction coil <<< コイル


pronunciation: kannyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: tolerance, liberality, generosity, magnanimity
寛容な: kannyouna: tolerant, liberal, generous
寛容度: kannyoudo: (exposure) latitude <<<
不寛容: hukannyou: intolerance <<<
不寛容な: hukannyouna: intolerant
synonyms: 寛大


pronunciation: kannyou
kanji characters: ,
translation: importance, necessity
肝要な: kannyouna: important, of (vital) importance, essential, necessary
check also: 重要 , 肝心


pronunciation: kannyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: advertisement
translation: canvassing, invitation, persuasion
勧誘する: kannyuusuru: canvass, invite, persuade, tout
勧誘員: kannyuuin: canvassing agent, canvasser <<<
勧誘状: kannyuujou: letter of invitation [solicitation] <<<
check also: 宣伝 , 運動


pronunciation: kanojo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: she, her, woman, girlfriend
彼女は: kanojowa: She is
彼女を: kanojoo: her
彼女に: kanojoni: her, to her
彼女へ: kanojoe
彼女の: kanojono: her, woman's, girlfriend's
彼女の物: kanojonomono: hers <<<
彼女が有る: kanojogaaru: have a girlfriend <<<
彼女達: kanojotachi: they, women, girlfriends <<<
彼女等: kanojora <<<
彼女自身: kanojojishin: herself <<< 自身
check also: 彼氏


pronunciation: kanoke
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: coffin, casket
棺桶にいれる: kanokeniireru: put in a coffin
棺桶に片足を突っ込む: kanokenikataashiotsukkomu: have one foot in the grave
check also: 葬式

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