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pronunciation: kansetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: indirect (n.)
間接の: kansetsuno: indirect (a.), mediate, roundabout
間接的: kansetsuteki <<<
間接に: kansetsuni: indirectly, mediately, at second hand
間接税: kansetsuzei: indirect tax <<<
間接貿易: kansetsuboueki: indirect trade <<< 貿易
間接投資: kansetsutoushi: indirect investment <<< 投資
間接感染: kansetsukansen: indirect infection <<< 感染
間接照明: kansetsushoumei: indirect lighting <<< 照明
間接撮影: kansetsusatsuei: fluoroscope <<< 撮影
間接選挙: kansetsusenkyo: indirect election <<< 選挙
間接雇用: kansetsukoyou: indirect employment <<< 雇用
間接目的: kansetsumokuteki: indirect object, dative object <<< 目的
間接補語: kansetsuhogo
間接話法: kansetsuwahou: indirect narration [speech]
antonyms: 直接


pronunciation: kansha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: thanks, gratitude
感謝する: kanshasuru: thank (v.)
感謝している: kanshashiteiru: be grateful
感謝の印として: kanshanoshirushitoshite: as a token of gratitude <<<
感謝の意を表す: kanshanoioarawasu: express one's gratitude (to a person for his kindness)
感謝の気持ちを表す: kanshanokimochioarawasu
感謝状: kanshajou: letter of thanks, testimonial <<<
感謝祭: kanshasai: Thanksgiving Day <<<
check also: 有難う , 御礼 , 謝意


pronunciation: kanshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: superintendence, watch (n.), lookout, surveillance
監視する: kanshisuru: superintend, watch (v.), exercise surveillance (over)
監視兵: kanshihei: lookout man <<<
監視人: kanshinin: superintendent, watchman, warder, picket, ranger <<< , 番人
監視員: kanshiin <<<
監視所: kanshisho: observation post, watchhouse <<<
監視塔: kanshitou: watchtower <<<
監視船: kanshisen: coastguard ship., fishing guard <<<
監視カメラ: kanshikamera: monitoring [security] camera <<< カメラ
check also: 警備


pronunciation: kanshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: article
定冠詞: teikanshi: definite article <<<
部分冠詞: bubunkanshi: partitive article <<< 部分


pronunciation: kanshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: Chinese calendar of sexagenary cycle


pronunciation: kanshiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , art
translation: judgment, discernment, appreciation
鑑識する: kanshikisuru: judge, discern, discriminate, appreciate
鑑識課: kanshikika: identification section <<<
鑑識家: kanshikika: judge, connoisseur <<<
check also: 鑑賞 , 鑑定


pronunciation: kanshin
kanji characters: ,
translation: interest, concern, preoccupation
関心有る: kanshinnaru: interested, concerned, preoccupied <<<
関心無い: kanshinnnai: uninterested, unconcerned, indifferent, nonchalant <<<
関心を持つ: kanshinnomotsu: be interested in, have [take] an interest in, be concerned about (for) <<<
関心を持たない: kanshinnomotanai: be indifferent in, have [take] no interest in, be not concerned about (for)
関心を示す: kanshinnoshimesu: show interest in something <<<
関心事: kanshingoto: matter of concern <<<
無関心: mukanshin: indifference, nonchalance <<<
check also: 興味


pronunciation: kanshin
kanji characters: ,
translation: admiration
感心な: kanshinnna: admirable, laudable, praiseworthy
感心な行い: kanshinnnaokonai: admirable action [act] <<<
感心に: kanshinnni: creditably, to one's credit
感心する: kanshinsuru: admire, be struck with admiration (at), be much impressed (with)
感心させる: kanshinsaseru: cause an admiration, arouse admiration
感心して: kanshinshite: with admiration, with wonder, admiringly
感心感心: kanshinkanshin: Well done! Excellent! Bravo! Good for you!


pronunciation: kanshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: collation, snack
間食する: kanshokusuru: eat between meals
check also: 御八 , 軽食


pronunciation: kanshoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: (sense of) touch, feeling
感触が良い: kanshokugaii, kanshokugayoi: be soft to the touch <<<
check also: タッチ

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