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pronunciation: kanso
kanji characters: ,
translation: simplicity, modesty
簡素な: kansona: simple, plain, modest
簡素に: kansoni: simply, plainly, modestly
簡素化: kansoka: simplification <<<
簡素化する: kansokasuru: simplify
check also: 素朴 , 簡単 , シンプル


pronunciation: kansoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy , weather
translation: observation, opinion
観測する: kansokusuru: observe
観測所: kansokujo: observatory <<<
観測者: kansokusha: observer <<<
観測器: kansokuki: observation instrument <<<
観測地点: kansokuchiten: observation point <<< 地点
観測気球: kansokukikyuu: observation balloon <<< 気球
観測記録: kansokukiroku: observation record <<< 記録
気象観測: kishoukansoku: meteorological observation <<< 気象
太陽観測: taiyoukansoku: helioscopy, solar observation <<< 太陽
地震観測: jishinkansoku: seismological observation, seismometry <<< 地震
天体観測: tentaikansoku: astronomical observation <<< 天体
check also: 観察


pronunciation: kansou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: full distance run
完走する: kansousuru: run the whole distance


pronunciation: kansou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: thoughts, impressions
感想を述べる: kansouonoberu: give one's impressions (of) <<<
感想文: kansoubunkansoubun: description of one's impressions <<<
感想録: kansouroku: record of one's impressions <<<
check also: 印象 , 見解


pronunciation: kansou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather , food
translation: dryness, aridity
乾燥する: kansousuru: dry (vi.), become dry, dehydrate
乾燥させる: kansousaseru: dry (vt.), dehydrate
乾燥した: kansoushita: dry (a.), dried, thirsty, arid
乾燥室: kansoushitsu: drying room <<<
乾燥剤: kansouzai: desiccant, desiccative <<<
乾燥期: kansouki: dry season <<<
乾燥地: kansouchi: dry land <<<
乾燥肉: kansouniku: jerked meat [beef] <<<
乾燥卵: kansoutamago: dry [dehydrated] eggs <<<
乾燥玉子: kansoutamago <<< 玉子
乾燥器: kansouki: drier, dryer, desiccator <<<
乾燥装置: kansousouchi <<< 装置
乾燥野菜: kansouyasai: dry [dehydrated] vegetables <<< 野菜
乾燥果実: kansoukajitsu: dried fruit <<< 果実
異常乾燥: ijoukansou: abnormal dryness <<< 異常


pronunciation: kansui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: submergence, flooding, inundation
冠水する: kansuisuru: be submerged, be flooded, be covered with water
冠水地帯: kansuichitai: submerged [flooded] zone <<< 地帯


pronunciation: kansuu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 函数
keyword: mathematics
translation: function
三角関数: sankakukansuu: trigonometric function <<< 三角
楕円関数: daenkansuu: elliptical function <<< 楕円
調和関数: chouwakansuu: harmonic function <<< 調和
指数関数: shisuukansuu: exponential function <<< 指数
超越関数: chouetsukansuu: transcendental function <<< 超越
ガンマ関数: ganmakansuu: gamma function <<< ガンマ
ベクトル関数: bekutorukansuu: vector function <<< ベクトル


pronunciation: kantai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography , nature
translation: frigid zone
寒帯植物: kantaishokubutsu: polar plant <<< 植物
寒帯動物: kantaidoubutsu: polar animal <<< 動物
check also: 熱帯


pronunciation: kantai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: fleet (of war ships), squadron
無敵艦隊: mutekikantai: Invincible Armada <<< 無敵
連合艦隊: rengoukantai: combined fleet <<< 連合
黒海艦隊: kokkaikantai: Black Sea Fleet <<< 黒海
主力艦隊: shuryokukantai: main fleet <<< 主力
太平洋艦隊: taiheiyoukantai: Pacific fleet <<< 太平洋
check also: 船隊


pronunciation: kantan
kanji characters: ,
translation: easiness, lightness, simplicity
簡単な: kantannna: easy, light, simple
簡単な食事: kantannnashokuji: light meal, snack <<< 食事
簡単に: kantannni: easily, simply
簡単にする: kantannnisuru: simplify, abbreviate
簡単に言えば: kantannniieba: briefly speaking, in short, in a word, in a nutshell <<<
check also: 簡素 , シンプル

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