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pronunciation: katami
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: keepsake, memento, souvenir, token
形見にする: kataminisuru: keep (a thing) as a memento
形見分けをする: katamiwakeosuru: give a person's personal effects as his mementos <<<
check also: 思い出


pronunciation: katamichi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: one way
片道料金: katamichiryoukin: single fare, one-way fare <<< 料金
片道切符: katamichikippu: single ticket, one-way ticket <<< 切符
check also: 往復


pronunciation: kataomoi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: love
translation: one-sided [unreturned, unrequited] love, one-sided love affair
片思する: kataomoisuru: One's love is not returned.


pronunciation: kataoya
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: a [only one] parent
片親の無い: kataoyanonai: fatherless, motherless <<<
check also: 両親


pronunciation: katate
kanji characters: ,
translation: one hand
片手の: katateno: one-handed
片手で: katatede: with one hand
片手落: chikatateochi: partiality <<<
片手落の: chikatateochino: partial, incomplete
check also: 両手


pronunciation: katatoki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: a moment
片時も: katatokimo: even for a moment
check also: 一瞬


pronunciation: katatsumuri
kanji characters: ,
other spells: カタツムリ
keyword: mollusk
translation: snail
蝸牛の殻: katatsumurinokara: snail shell <<<
蝸牛の跡: katatsumurinoato: snail trail <<<
check also: エスカルゴ


pronunciation: katchuu
kanji characters:
keyword: weapon , history
translation: (helmet and) armor
甲冑を着ける: katchuuotsukeru: put on the armor <<<
甲冑を着けている: katchuuotsuketeiru: wear the armor
甲冑一揃い: katchuuhitosoroi: a suit of armor


pronunciation: katei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , house
translation: family (n.), home, household
家庭の: kateino: family (a.), home, household, domestic, homely
家庭的: kateiteki: homely <<<
家庭で: kateide: at home, in the home
家庭向きの: kateimukino: for domestic use <<<
家庭を持つ: kateiomotsu: make a home <<<
家庭科: kateika: homemaking course <<<
家庭着: kateigi: home dress <<<
家庭欄: kateiran: domestic column <<<
家庭医: kateii: family doctor <<<
家庭教師: kateikyoushi: private teacher <<< 教師
家庭教育: kateikyouiku: home education [discipline] <<< 教育
家庭用品: kateiyouhin: domestic articles <<< 用品
家庭料理: kateiryouri: home cooking <<< 料理
家庭裁判所: kateisaibansho: court of family affairs <<< 裁判所
家庭内暴力: kateinaibouryoku: domestic violence
相当な家庭: soutounakatei: respectable (decent) family <<< 相当
母子家庭: boshikatei: family of the mother and a child <<< 母子
円満な家庭: enmannnakatei: happy home <<< 円満
崩壊家庭: houkaikatei: family torn apart by violence, broken family <<< 崩壊
check also: ホーム , 家族


pronunciation: katei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: process, course
学習過程: gakushuukatei: curriculum <<< 学習
思考過程: shikoukatei: chain of thoughts, line of thought <<< 思考

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