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pronunciation: katei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: course
課程を終える: kateiooeru: finish one's course <<<
課程表: kateihyou: curriculum, syllabus, course of instruction <<<
博士課程: hakushikatei: doctoral course <<< 博士
教養課程: kyouyoukatei: general culture course <<< 教養
修士課程: shuushikatei: master's course <<< 修士
教育課程: kyouikukatei: curriculum, course of study <<< 教育
check also: 教科


pronunciation: katei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , grammar
translation: assumption, supposition, hypothesis
仮定する: kateisuru: assume, suppose
仮定の: kateino: hypothetical, assumptive, presumptive
仮定的: kateiteki <<<
仮定法: kateihou: subjunctive mood <<<
仮定形: kateikei: subjunctive form <<<
synonyms: 想定


pronunciation: katon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: ninja technique to hide [escape] by [through] fire
火遁の術: katonnnojutsu <<<
check also: 水遁 , 忍者


pronunciation: katsudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: action, activity, function (n.), operation
活動する: katsudousuru: be active, show activity, function (v.), operate
活動的: katsudouteki: active, energetic <<<
活動中: katsudouchuu: in activity [action] <<<
活動家: katsudouka: man of action, militant, activist <<<
活動力: katsudouryoku: activity, energy <<<
活動範囲: katsudouhanni: scope of activity <<< 範囲
活動分野: katsudoubunnya <<< 分野
活動方針: katsudouhoushin: policy of action <<< 方針
治安活動: chiankatsudou: police action <<< 治安
諜報活動: chouhoukatsudou: espionage activities <<< 諜報
破壊活動: hakaikatsudou: sabotage, subversive activities <<< 破壊
就職活動: shuushokukatsudou: job hunting <<< 就職
日常活動: nichijoukatsudou: daily activities <<< 日常
地下活動: chikakatsudou: secret activity <<< 地下
医療活動: iryoukatsudou: medical services <<< 医療
救援活動: kyuuenkatsudou: rescue operation <<< 救援
組合活動: kumiaikatsudou: union activities, syndicalism, unionism <<< 組合
ボランティア活動: borantiakatsudou: volunteer activities <<< ボランティア
スパイ活動: supaikatsudou: spy activities <<< スパイ
サークル活動: saakurukatsudou: circle activities <<< サークル
クラブ活動: kurabukatsudou: club activities <<< クラブ
check also: 活躍


pronunciation: katsuji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: book
translation: font, type set
活字の: katsujino: typographic, typographical
活字の誤り: katsujinoayamari: typographic [typographical] error <<<
活字にする: katsujinisuru: print
活字を組む: katsujiokumu: set type <<<
活字体: katsujitai: block letter <<<
活字盤: katsujiban: type case <<<
check also: 字体


pronunciation: katsujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: cession
割譲する: katsujousuru: cede, transfer
割譲地区: katsujouchiku: ceded area <<< 地区
check also: 譲渡


pronunciation: katsurei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: circumcision
割礼する: katsureisuru: circumcise
割礼祭: katsureisai: The Circumcision <<<


pronunciation: katsuryoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: vitality, vital energy, vigor
活力に溢れる: katsuryokuniahureru: full of life, vigorous, dynamic, energetic <<<
check also: エネルギー


pronunciation: katsuyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: (great) activity, action, boom
活躍する: katsuyakusuru: play an active part [an important role] (in), be active (in)
check also: 活動


pronunciation: katte
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: kitchen, circumstances, condition, private arrangements
勝手な: kattena: selfish, self-willed, willful
勝手に: katteni: at one's pleasure, as one pleases [likes], at one's convenience, selfishly, willfully, voluntarily, without leave, at one's discretion, arbitrarily, freely
勝手の良い: kattenoii: convenient, handy <<<
勝手の悪い: kattenowarui: inconvenient, not handy <<<
勝手にしろ: kattenishiro: please yourself
勝手向き: kattemuki: circumstance, situation <<<
勝手口: katteguchi: kitchen door, back door <<<
勝手道具: kattedougu: kitchen appliance <<< 道具
気儘勝手: kimamakatte <<< 気儘
自分勝手: jibunkatte: selfish, egoist <<< 自分
check also: 台所 , 放題

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