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pronunciation: keiryuu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 繋留
keyword: ship
translation: mooring, anchorage, anchoring
係留する: keiryuusuru: moor (at, to), anchor
係留塔: keiryuutou: mooring tower <<<
係留場: keiryuujou: moorings, moorage <<<
係留気球: keiryuukikyuu: captive balloon <<< 気球
係留浮標: keiryuuhuhyou: mooring buoy
係留ブイ: keiryuubui <<< ブイ


pronunciation: keisai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media , literature
translation: insertion, publication
掲載する: keisaisuru: insert, publish, carry, report
掲載禁止: keisaikinshi: press ban <<< 禁止
check also: 出版


pronunciation: keisan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics , accounting
translation: counting, calculation, arithmetic, estimate (n.)
計算する: keisansuru: count, calculate, estimate (v.)
計算に入れる: keisannniireru: take into account [consideration] <<<
計算に入れない: keisannniirenai: leave out of account
計算を誤る: keisannoayamaru: miscalculate, miscount <<<
計算高い: keisandakai: mercenary, calculating <<<
計算器: keisanki: calculator <<<
計算機: keisanki: computer <<< , コンピューター
計算尺: keisanjaku: slide rule <<<
計算表: keisanhyou: ready reckoner, spread-sheet <<<
計算書: keisansho: statement of accounts [estimate] <<<
計算係: keisangakari: accountant <<<
計算出来る: keisandekiru: calculable <<< 出来
利子計算: rishikeisan: interest-calculation, calculation of interest <<< 利子
行列計算: gyouretsukeisan: matrix calculus <<< 行列
原価計算: genkakeisan: cost accounting <<< 原価
コスト計算: kosutokeisan: cost accounting <<< コスト
check also: 勘定


pronunciation: keisatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: police
警察に訴える: keisatsuniuttaeru: complain to the police <<<
警察に届ける: keisatsunitodokeru: report to the police <<<
警察官: keisatsukan: police officer <<<
警察庁: keisatsuchou: the Police Agency <<<
警察権: keisatsuken: police authority <<<
警察犬: keisatsuken: police dog <<<
警察医: keisatsui: police surgeon [medical officer] <<<
警察署: keisatsusho: police station <<<
警察署長: keisatsushochou: chief of a police station <<<
警察手帳: keisatsutechou: policeman's pocketbook <<< 手帳
警察国家: keisatsukokka: police state <<< 国家
警察学校: keisatsugakkou: police school, police academy <<< 学校
警察管区: keisatsukanku: police region
県警察: kenkeisatsu: prefectural police <<< , 県警
治安警察: chiankeisatsu: security police <<< 治安
水上警察: suijoukeisatsu: water police <<< 水上
保安警察: hoankeisatsu: security police <<< 保安
国際警察: kokusaikeisatsu: International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol <<< 国際
人民警察: jinminkeisatsu: People's Police <<< 人民
司法警察: shihoukeisatsu: judicial police <<< 司法
連邦警察: renpoukeisatsu: federal police, FBI (in USA) <<< 連邦
check also: 警官


pronunciation: keisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , sport
translation: situation, state of things [affairs], outlook, prospect
形勢が良い: keiseigaii: The situation is favorable <<<
形勢が悪い: keiseigawarui: The situation is unfavorable <<<
形勢が悪化する: keiseigaakkasuru: Things are getting worse <<< 悪化
形勢を見る: keiseiomiru: watch the development of affairs, sit one the fence <<<
形勢を観望する: keiseiokanbousuru
形勢が一変する: keiseigaippensuru: The tide turns, The situation takes on a new aspect


pronunciation: keisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: formation, constitution
形成する: keiseisuru: form, shape, constitute, build up
形成期: keiseiki: formative period <<<
形成外科: keiseigeka: plastic surgery <<< 外科
人間形成: ningenkeisei: character modeling <<< 人間


pronunciation: keisha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: inclination, slope, acclivity, declivity, skew (n.), list of ship
傾斜する: keishasuru: slant, slope, incline, lean, list, heel
傾斜した: keishashita: inclined, sloping, skew (a.)
傾斜角: keishakaku: angle of inclination, dip <<<
傾斜度: keishado: gradient <<<
傾斜面: keishamen: slope <<<
傾斜計: keishakei: clinometer <<<
急傾斜: kyuukeisha: scarp, escarpment <<<
synonyms: , スロープ


pronunciation: keishi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: police superintendent
警視庁: keishichou: Metropolitan Police Department <<<
警視総監: keishisoukan: Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police


pronunciation: keishi
kanji characters: ,
translation: depreciation, devaluation, marking down
軽視する: keishisuru: despise, make light [little] of, think little of, slight, neglect, ignore, think nothing of
synonyms: 無視


pronunciation: keishiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science
translation: form, rite
形式を重んじる: keishikioomonjiru: stick to forms <<<
形式的な: keishikitekina: formal, ritual, superficial <<<
形式上の: keishikijouno: as a matter of form <<<
形式を守る: keishikiomamoru: respect the form <<<
形式論理: keishikironri: formal logic <<< 論理
形式主義: keishikishugi: formalism <<< 主義
形式主義者: keishikishugisha: formalist <<<
三部形式: sanbukeishiki: ternary [three-part] form <<< 三部
ファイル形式: fairukeishiki: file format <<< ファイル
ソナタ形式: sonatakeishiki: sonata form <<< ソナタ

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