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pronunciation: kendou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: kendo
剣道家: kendouka: kendo player <<<
剣道師範: kendoushihan: kendo master <<< 師範
check also: Kendo


pronunciation: kenen
kanji characters: ,
translation: fear, concern, apprehension
懸念する: kenensuru: be concerned, apprehensive
check also: 心配 , 憂慮


pronunciation: kengaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: inspection, observation, visit (n.), tour (n.)
見学する: kengakusuru: inspect, observe, visit (v.), tour (v.)
見学者: kengakusha: visitor <<<
見学旅行: kengakuryokou: field (observation) trip <<< 旅行
野外見学: yagaikengaku: field trip <<< 野外


pronunciation: kengen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , computer
translation: authority, power, authorized limit of rights, competence
権限内の: kengennnaino: authorized <<<
権限外の: kengengaino: unauthorized <<<
権限を与える: kengennoataeru: authorize, empower <<<
権限を越える: kengennokoeru: exceed one's authority [competence], act ultra vires <<<
権限の有る: kengennnoaru: be authorized (to do), have the right (to do) <<<


pronunciation: kengou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: great swordsman
剣豪小説: kengoushousetsu: story of master swordsman <<< 小説


pronunciation: kenja
kanji characters: ,
translation: wise man, sage


pronunciation: kenji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: public prosecutor
検事長: kenjichou: superintendent public prosecutor <<<
検事正: kenjisei: chief public prosecutor <<<
検事補: kenjiho: probational prosecutor <<<
検事局: kenjikyoku: public prosecutor's office, prosecuting attorney's office <<<
検事総長: kenjisouchou: public prosecutor general


pronunciation: kenjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: modesty
謙譲語: kenjougo: humble language [expression] <<<
謙譲の美徳: kenjounobitoku: virtue of modesty
check also: 謙遜


pronunciation: kenjuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: pistol, revolver, gun (n.), handgun
拳銃を撃つ: kenjuuoutsu: gun (v.) <<<
拳銃を向ける: kenjuuomukeru: level [point, aim] a revolver at <<<
拳銃強盗: kenjuugoutou: holdup <<< 強盗
二丁拳銃: nichoukenjuu: two guns <<< 二丁
check also: 鉄砲 , ピストル


pronunciation: kenka
kanji characters:
other spells: ケンカ
translation: quarrel (n.), dispute, brawl, scuffle, fight
喧嘩する: kenkasuru: quarrel (v.), have a quarrel (with), dispute, brawl, fight, come to blows, fall out with (a person)
喧嘩の種: kenkanotane: cause of a quarrel, bone of contention <<<
喧嘩を買う: kenkaokau: take up a quarrel <<<
喧嘩早い: kenkabayai: quarrelsome, contentious <<<
喧嘩好きの: kenkazukino <<<
喧嘩腰の: kenkagoshino: quarrelsome, defiant, cantankerous, bellicose <<<
喧嘩別れする: kenkawakaresuru: split up (after a dispute) <<<
喧嘩を売る: kenkaouru: provoke (a person) to a quarrel, pick a quarrel (with a person) <<<
喧嘩を仕掛る: kenkaoshikakeru <<< 仕掛
犬の喧嘩: inunokenka: dogfight <<<
兄弟喧嘩: kyoudaigenka: quarrel between brothers <<< 兄弟
夫婦喧嘩: huuhugenka: domestic scene <<< 夫婦
仲間喧嘩: nakamagenka: split among friends, dissension <<< 仲間

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