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pronunciation: kenbutsu , mimono
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show , travel
translation: sight-seeing, theater-going, play-going
見物する: kenbutsusuru: see, look at [on], watch, visit
見物に行く: kenbutsuniiku: go sight-seeing <<<
見物人: kenbutsunin: visitor, sightseer, spectator, audience, looker-on, by-stander <<<
見物席: kenbutsuseki: seat, stand, box seats, gallery <<<
名所見物する: meishokenbutsusuru: see [do] the sights <<< 名所
芝居見物: shibaikenbutsu: play-going <<< 芝居
check also: 観光 , 観劇


pronunciation: kenchi
kanji characters: ,
translation: standpoint, point of view, viewpoint
此の見地から: konokenchikara: from this point of view <<<


pronunciation: kenchiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art , construction
translation: architecture, building, construction
建築する: kenchikusuru: build, construct, erect
建築中: kenchikuchuu: under construction <<<
建築費: kenchikuhi: construction [building] costs <<<
建築物: kenchikubutsu: an edifice, building <<<
建築学: kenchikugaku: architecture <<<
建築家: kenchikuka: architect <<<
建築技師: kenchikugishi <<< 技師
建築士: kenchikushi: registered architect <<<
建築法: kenchikuhou: building regulations <<<
建築業: kenchikugyou: building industry <<<
建築業者: kenchikugyousha: builder, building contractor <<< 業者
建築会社: kenchikugaisha: building company <<< 会社
建築工事: kenchikukouji: construction work <<< 工事
建築様式: kenchikuyoushiki: style of building, architecture <<< 様式
耐震建築: taishinkenchiku: earthquake-proof building <<< 耐震
土木建築: dobokukenchiku: civil engineering and construction <<< 土木
鉄骨建築: tekkotsukenchiku: steel-frame building <<< 鉄骨
違法建築: ihoukenchiku: illegal [unlawful] construction <<< 違法
寺院建築: jiinkenchiku: religious architecture <<< 寺院
ブロック建築: burokkukenchiku: block building <<< ブロック
バロック建築: barokkukenchiku: baroque architecture <<< バロック
ゴシック建築: goshikkukenchiku: Gothic architecture <<< ゴシック
check also: 建物 , 建設


pronunciation: kencho
kanji characters: ,
translation: manifestation, notability, clearness
顕著な: kenchona: manifest, notable, clear, obvious


pronunciation: kenchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: prefectural office
県庁所在地: kenchoushozaichi: seat of prefectural government


pronunciation: kendou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: kendo
剣道家: kendouka: kendo player <<<
剣道師範: kendoushihan: kendo master <<< 師範
check also: Kendo


pronunciation: kendou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: road
translation: prefectural road
check also: 国道


pronunciation: kenen
kanji characters: ,
translation: fear, concern, apprehension
懸念する: kenensuru: be concerned, apprehensive
check also: 心配 , 憂慮


pronunciation: kengaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel
translation: inspection, observation, visit (n.), tour (n.)
見学する: kengakusuru: inspect, observe, visit (v.), tour (v.)
見学者: kengakusha: visitor <<<
見学旅行: kengakuryokou: field (observation) trip <<< 旅行
野外見学: yagaikengaku: field trip <<< 野外


pronunciation: kengen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , computer
translation: authority, power, authorized limit of rights, competence
権限内の: kengennnaino: authorized <<<
権限外の: kengengaino: unauthorized <<<
権限を与える: kengennoataeru: authorize, empower <<<
権限を越える: kengennokoeru: exceed one's authority [competence], act ultra vires <<<
権限の有る: kengennnoaru: be authorized (to do), have the right (to do) <<<

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