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pronunciation: kichi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology , war
translation: base, home, station
基地とする: kichitosuru: be based on
基地問題: kichimondai: problem of military bases <<< 問題
空軍基地: kuugunkichi: air base <<< 空軍
前線基地: zensenkichi: advanced base, outpost <<< 前線
発射基地: hasshakichi: launching base <<< 発射
軍事基地: gunjikichi: military base <<< 軍事
前進基地: zenshinkichi: advanced base <<< 前進
海軍基地: kaigunkichi: naval base <<< 海軍
後方基地: kouhoukichi: rear base <<< 後方
原爆基地: genbakukichi: atomic base <<< 原爆
補給基地: hokyuukichi: supply base <<< 補給
航空基地: koukuukichi: air base <<< 航空
飛行基地: hikoukichi: air base <<< 飛行
ミサイル基地: misairukichi: missile base <<< ミサイル
レーダー基地: reedaakichi: radar base <<< レーダー


pronunciation: kichi
kanji characters: ,
translation: wit, resources
機知に富む: kichinitomu: be witty (quick-witted, resourceful) <<<
機知に富んだ: kichinitonda: witty, quick-witted, resourceful
check also: 機転


pronunciation: kichi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: dangerous position, critical situation
危地に陥る: kichiniochiiru: get into danger <<<
危地に陥れる: kichiniotoshiireru: endanger (a person)
危地を脱する: kichiodassuru: get out of danger <<<
check also: 危機


pronunciation: kichigai
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 気狂い
keyword: disease
translation: madman, madwoman, madness
気違いの: kichigaino: mad, crazy
気違いにする: kichigainisuru: craze, drive mad
気違いに成る: kichigaininaru: go crazy [mad], get mad <<<
気違いの様に: kichigainoyouni: like crazy [mad], frenetically, furiously <<<
気違い染みる: kichigaijimiru: look like crazy <<<
気違い染みた: kichigaijimita: looked like crazy
気違い染みた考え: kichigaijimitakangae: crazy [extravagant] idea
気違い病院: kichigaibyouin: mental hospital <<< 病院
check also: 狂気


pronunciation: kichou
kanji characters:
keyword: decoration
translation: movable screen setup in a room (anc.)
几帳面な: kichoumennna: exact, precise, methodical, scrupulous, steady, punctual <<<
几帳面に: kichoumennni: exactly, precisely, punctually, regularly


pronunciation: kichou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accessory
translation: preciousness, valuableness, value
貴重な: kichouna: precious, valuable, priceless
貴重品: kichouhin: valuable article, treasure <<<
貴重品箱: kichouhinbako: coffer <<<
貴重品室: kichouhinshitsu: strong room, safe deposit <<<


pronunciation: kidan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: air mass
寒気団: kankidan: cold air mass <<<


pronunciation: kidate
kanji characters: ,
translation: disposition, temperament, turn [cast] of mind
気立ての良い: kidatenoii, kidatenoyoi: good-natured <<<
気立ての優しい: kidatenoyasashii: tenderhearted, kindhearted <<<
気立ての悪い: kidatenowarui: ill-natured <<<
check also: 気前


pronunciation: kido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house , show
translation: wicket, (wooden) gate, door, entrance
木戸番: kidoban: gatekeeper <<<
木戸銭: kidosen: admission fee, gate money <<<
木戸御免: kidogomen: privilege of free admittance <<< 御免
庭木戸: niwakido: garden door <<<


pronunciation: kido
kanji characters: ,
keyword: optics , unit
translation: luminance

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