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pronunciation: kidou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: start (n.)
起動の: kidouno: motive
起動する: kidousuru: start (v.), come into operation
起動機: kidouki: starter <<<
起動装置: kidousouchi <<< 装置
起動力: kidouryoku: motive power <<<
起動抵抗: kidouteikou: starting resistor <<< 抵抗
再起動: saikidou: restart, reboot, reset <<<


pronunciation: kidou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy , train
translation: orbit, track, path
軌道の: kidouno: orbital
軌道に乗る: kidouninoru: get on the right track, maker steady headway, arrive to the right orbit <<<
軌道に乗せる: kidouninoseru: set in the right direction, put [launch] into orbit, orbit (v.)
軌道を逸する: kidouoissuru: get away from the right orbit [track] <<<
軌道を外れる: kidouohazureru <<<
軌道を敷く: kidouoshiku: lay tracks, build railroads <<<
軌道面: kidoumen: plane of the orbit <<<
軌道修正: kidoushuusei: course correction <<< 修正
軌道飛行: kidouhikou: orbital flight <<< 飛行
楕円軌道: daenkidou: elliptical orbit <<< 楕円
標準軌道: hyoujunkidou: standard gauge <<< 標準
check also: 線路


pronunciation: kidou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: maneuver
機動性: kidousei: mobility <<<
機動力: kidouryoku: mobile power <<<
機動戦: kidousen: mobile warfare <<<
機動隊: kidoutai: riot police [squad] <<<
機動隊員: kidoutaiin: riot policeman <<<
機動部隊: kidoubutai: mobile unit, task force <<< 部隊


pronunciation: kiga
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: hunger, starvation
飢餓に瀕する: kiganihinsuru: be starving, be on the verge [brink] of starvation <<<
飢餓民: kigamin: starvelings <<<


pronunciation: kigae
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: spare clothing [suits], change of clothes
着替える: kigaeru: change one's clothes, dress (for dinner)
着替えする: kigaesuru
着替え所: kigaesho: dressing room <<<
check also: 更衣


pronunciation: kigan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: prayer, supplication
祈願する: kigansuru: pray (for), offer a prayer (to)


pronunciation: kigane
kanji characters: ,
translation: reserve, hesitation, inhibition, constraint
気兼する: kiganesuru: be afraid of giving trouble (to), feel some constraint, have a regard for a person's feelings, be [feel] ill at ease
気兼無しに: kiganenashini: without reserve <<<
気兼せずに: kiganesezuni
気兼しないで: kiganeshinaide
気兼しないで下さい: kiganeshinaidekudasai: don't mind me, don't put yourself out for me <<<
check also: 遠慮


pronunciation: kigaru
kanji characters: ,
translation: light heart, cheerfulness, casualness
気軽な: kigaruna: lighthearted, cheerful, buoyant, casual, informal
気軽に: kigaruni: with a light heart, readily, free from worry [care]
check also: 気楽


pronunciation: kigeki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: comedy, farce
喜劇を演じる: kigekioenjiru: play a comedy <<<
喜劇の: kigekino: comic, farcical
喜劇的: kigekiteki <<<
喜劇俳優: kigekihaiyuu: comic actor <<< 俳優
喜劇役者: kigekiyakusha: comedian <<< 役者
喜劇作者: kigekisakusha: comic writer <<< 作者
喜劇小説: kigekishousetsu: comic novel <<< 小説
喜劇映画: kigekieiga: comic film <<< 映画
check also: 悲劇


pronunciation: kigen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , calendar
translation: foundation of an empire, birth of Jesus Christ
紀元前: kigenzen: before Christ, BC <<<
紀元後: kigengo: after Christ, AD <<<
キリスト紀元: kirisutokigen: Christian era <<< キリスト
check also: 西暦

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