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pronunciation: kippu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , sport
translation: ticket, coupon
切符を買う: kippuokau: get [buy] a ticket <<<
切符を調べる: kippuoshiraberu: examine tickets <<< 調
切符を切る: kippuokiru: punch [clip] a ticket <<<
切符切り: kippukiri: ticket puncher
切符売り: kippuuri: ticket agent, booking clerk <<<
切符売場: kippuuriba: ticket booth, ticket agency <<< 売場
片道切符: katamichikippu: single ticket, one-way ticket <<< 片道
連絡切符: renrakukippu: through [transfer] ticket <<< 連絡
共通切符: kyoutsuukippu: common ticket <<< 共通
乗換切符: norikaekippu: transfer ticket <<< 乗換
往復切符: ouhukukippu: roundtrip ticket <<< 往復
反則切符: hansokukippu: [parking] traffic ticket <<< 反則
観戦切符: kansenkippu: entry ticket (of a game) <<< 観戦
無効切符: mukoukippu: bad ticket <<< 無効
遊覧切符: yuurankippu: excursion ticket <<< 遊覧
一等切符: ittoukippu: first-class ticket <<< 一等
check also: チケット


pronunciation: kirai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weapon
translation: sea mine
機雷に触れる: kirainihureru: strike a mine <<<
機雷原: kiraigen: (sea) mine field <<<
機雷を敷設する: kiraiohusetsusuru: lay (sea) mines
check also: 地雷


pronunciation: kiraku
kanji characters: ,
translation: comfort, ease
気楽な: kirakuna: easygoing, optimistic, easy, carefree, comfortable
気楽に: kirakuni: comfortably, easily
気楽に暮らす: kigarunikurasu: live in comfort [ease] <<<
check also: 気軽


pronunciation: kirei
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 奇麗
keyword: beauty , hygiene
translation: beauty, splendor, cleanness
綺麗な: kireina: beautiful, lovely, fine, pretty, splendid, handsome, fair, clean, pure, clear, neat, tidy
綺麗な水: kireinamizu: clear water <<<
綺麗な空気: kirainakuuki: fresh air <<< 空気
綺麗に: kireini: beautifully, finely, splendidly, cleanly, neatly, tidily, completely, entirely, wholly, thoroughly
綺麗にする: kireinisuru: deck out, decorate, dress up, make clean, cleanse, make neat, tidy up, put in order
綺麗に忘れる: kireiniwasureru: have clean forgotten <<<
綺麗に負ける: kireinimakeru: be fairly beaten <<<
綺麗好き: kireizuki: tidy (person), cleanly <<<
綺麗事: kireigoto: without complication, whitewash, hypocrisy <<<
綺麗事に済ます: kireigotonisumasu: avoid complications, whitewash (an error) <<<
小綺麗: kogirei: pretty, neat, trim, tidy <<<
check also: , 清潔


pronunciation: kiretsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: crack (n.), fissure (n.), crevice
亀裂する: kiretsusuru: crack (v.), fissure (v.), split
亀裂を生じる: kiretsuoshoujiru <<<
check also: クレバス


pronunciation: kiriZuma
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: gable
切妻屋根: kiriZumayane: gable [gabled, pitched, saddle] roof <<< 屋根


pronunciation: kiriage
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 切り上
keyword: economy , mathematics
translation: close (n.), stop, finish, revaluation
切上る: kiriageru: close (v.), stop, finish, cut short, wind up, revalue up, raise fractions to unit, count fractions as a whole number
check also: 切下


pronunciation: kirihuda
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 切り札
keyword: game
translation: trump card
切札を切る: kirihudaokiru: play one's trump <<<
切札を使う: kirihudaotsukau <<< 使
切札を出す: kirihudaodasu: lead a trump <<<
切札が無い: kirihudaganai: have no trumps <<<
切札に欠く: kirihudanikaku <<<
check also: トランプ


pronunciation: kirikabu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 切り株
keyword: plant
translation: stump, stubbles
check also:


pronunciation: kirikae
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 切り替, 切換, 切り換
keyword: transport
translation: change (of a train schedule), renewal, changeover, switchover
切替える: kirikaeru: change, renew, switch
切替電話: kirikaedenwa: extension phone <<< 電話
切替スイッチ: kirikaesuitchi: changeover switch <<< スイッチ
頭の切替: atamanokirikae: mental switchover <<<
check also: スイッチ

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