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pronunciation: mesuuma
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: mare


pronunciation: metsubou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: downfall, fall, run, destruction
滅亡する: metsubousuru: fall, be ruined, perish, be destroyed, go out of existence
check also: 絶滅


pronunciation: metta
kanji characters: ,
translation: recklessness, thoughtlessness, unreasonableness, irrationality
滅多な: mettana: reckless, thoughtless, unreasonable, irrational
滅多に: mettani: scarcely ever, seldom
synonyms: 無茶


pronunciation: meue
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: superior (n.), elder, senior
目上の: meueno: superior (a.), elder, senior
目上の者: meuenomono: one's superiors [betters], one's senior <<<
synonyms: 年上 , 上司
antonyms: 目下


pronunciation: meyasu
kanji characters: ,
translation: reference, standard, goal
目安にする: meyasunisuru: use as reference


pronunciation: mezame
kanji characters: ,
translation: awakening
目覚る: mezameru: wake, awake
目覚し: mezamashi: alarm clock
目覚しい: mezamashii: brilliant, remarkable, splendid, signal, striking, wonderful


pronunciation: miJika
kanji characters: ,
translation: near oneself [one], (close) by one's side
身近に: miJikani
身近な人々: miJikanahitobito: people close to one <<<
check also: 近所


pronunciation: miboujin
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: family
translation: widow
未亡人に成る: miboujinnninaru: be left a widow, lose one's husband <<<
synonyms: 後家


pronunciation: mibun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: social position [standing, status], one's station in life, rank
身分が高い: mibungatakai: be of a high social level <<<
身分が低い: mibungahikui: be of a low social level <<<
身分が違う: mibungachigau: be of a different social level <<<
身分を明かす: mibunnoakasu: disclose [reveal] one's identity <<<
身分を隠す: mibunnokakusu: conceal one's identity <<<
身分相応に: mibunsououni: within one's means <<< 相応
身分不相応に: mibunhusououni: beyond one's means
身分を証明する: mibunnoshoumeisuru: identify oneself <<< 証明
身分証明書: mibunshoumeisho: identity [identification] card
身分保障: mibunhoshou: guarantee of status
check also: 身元


pronunciation: miburi
kanji characters: ,
translation: gesture
身振りをする: miburiosuru: make gestures
身振り言語: miburigengo: body language <<< 言語
check also: ジェスチャー

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