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pronunciation: miharashi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , nature
translation: view (of), outlook (on, over)
見晴が良い: miharashigaii: command [have] a fine view [prospect] <<<
見晴が悪い: miharashigawarui: command [have] a poor view [prospect] <<<
見晴台: miharashidai: panoramic viewpoint, belvedere <<<
check also: 展望 , パノラマ


pronunciation: mihon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: sample, specimen, example, model, type
見本市: mihonnichi: trade fair <<<
見本帳: mihonchou: sample book <<<
見本刷: mihonzuri: proof copy <<<
見本注文: mihonchuumon: order by sample <<< 注文
見本売買: mihonbaibai: sale by sample <<< 売買
内容見本: naiyoumihon: prospectus, specimen pages <<< 内容
商品見本: shouhinmihon: trade sample <<< 商品
check also: サンプル


pronunciation: mijin
kanji characters: ,
translation: mote, particle
微塵に砕ける: mijinnnikudakeru: be broken [go] to pieces, be smashed to atoms <<<
微塵も無い: mijinmonai: have not a bit [whit] of <<<
微塵子: mijinko: water flea <<<
微塵切り: mijingiri: hash (n.) <<<
微塵に切る: mijinnnikiru: hash (v.)
synonyms: 粒子


pronunciation: mijuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education
translation: immaturity, inexperience
未熟な: mijukuna: unripe, immature, inexperienced, unskilled
未熟者: mijukumono: inexperienced person, novice, greenhorn <<<
未熟児: mijukuji: premature baby (infant) <<<
check also: 初心


pronunciation: mikaZuki
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: crescent
三日月形の: mikaZukikeino: crescent-shaped, arched <<<
check also: 満月 , 半月


pronunciation: mikai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: uncivilized state
未開の: mikaino: uncivilized, barbarous, savage, primitive
未開人: mikaijin: savage (people) <<<
未開民族: mikaiminzoku <<< 民族


pronunciation: mikake
kanji characters: ,
translation: outward looks, mere appearance
見掛は: mikakewa: outwardly, apparently, seemingly, in appearance
見掛る: mikakeru: see, find
見掛が良い: mikakegaii: look good [fine] <<<
見掛が悪い: mikakegawarui: look bad [ugly] <<<
見掛倒し: mikakedaoshi: deceptive appearance, gaud, gimcrack, trumpery <<<
見掛倒しの: mikakedaoshino: deceptive, trumpery


pronunciation: mikaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: palate, (sense of) taste
味覚の: mikakuno: gustative, gustatory
味覚をそそる: mikakuososoru: appetizing, delicious-looking
味覚神経: mikakushinkei: taste bud <<< 神経
味覚細胞: mikakusaibou: gustatory cell <<< 細胞
味覚器官: mikakukikan: gustatory organ <<< 器官


pronunciation: mikan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: ミカン
keyword: fruit
translation: mandarin orange, clementine, tangerine
蜜柑の皮: mikannnokawa: orange peel [peelings] <<<
蜜柑の房: mikannnohusa: segment of a mandarin [tangerine] <<<
蜜柑の木: mikannnoki: mandarin [tangerine] tree <<<
夏蜜柑: natsumikan: summer tangerine <<<
check also: , オレンジ


pronunciation: mikata
kanji characters: ,
translation: viewpoint, (point of) view, way of looking (at)
見方によれば: mikataniyoreba: in a sense [way]
見方によっては: mikataniyotteha
見方を変える: mikataokaeru: stand on a different viewpoint, look at (a matter) from another angle <<<
別の見方をする: betsunomikataosuru <<<

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