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pronunciation: mirai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , grammar
translation: future (n.), tomorrow
未来の: miraino: future (a.)
未来に: miraini: in future
未来派: miraiha: futurism <<<
未来学: miraigaku: futurology <<<
未来学者: miraigakusha: futurologist <<< 学者
未来完了: miraikanryou: future perfect <<< 完了
未来時制: miraijisei: future tense
未来永劫: miraieigou: forever
check also: 将来


pronunciation: miren
kanji characters: ,
translation: (lingering) affection [attachment], indecision, cowardice
未練が有る: mirengaaru: be still attached to <<<
未練がましい: nirengamashii: regretful, irresolute, unmanly, cowardly
未練がましく: mirengamashiku: with a bad grace


pronunciation: mirin
kanji characters:
other spells: ミリン
keyword: japanese food
translation: sugared sake
check also:


pronunciation: miryoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: charm, appeal, attraction, seduction
魅力的: miryokuteki: fascinating, attractive, charming <<<
魅力の有る: miryokunoaru <<<
魅力の無い: miryokunonai: unattractive <<<
synonyms: 魅惑 , チャーム


pronunciation: miso
kanji characters:
keyword: japanese food
translation: bean paste, miso
味噌を付ける: misootsukeru: spread miso (on), make a blunder, bring disgrace, dishonor <<<
味噌汁: misoshiru: miso soup <<<
味噌漬け: misoZuke: vegetable preserved in miso <<<
味噌っ歯: misoppa: decayed [milk] tooth <<<
糠味噌: nukamiso: salted bran paste for pickling <<<
check also: Miso


pronunciation: misoka
kanji characters:
other spells: 三十日
keyword: calendar
translation: last day of a month
晦日払: misokabarai: month-end payment <<<
大晦日: oomisoka: New Year's Eve <<< , 除夜


pronunciation: misshitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime
translation: secret room
密室に監禁する: misshitsunikankinsuru: keep (a person) in close confinement <<< 監禁
密室殺人: misshitsusatsujin: murder in a shut-up room <<< 殺人


pronunciation: mitei
kanji characters: ,
translation: undecided, unsettled, unfixed
未定の: miteino
未定稿: miteikou: unfinished manuscript <<< 稿
所属未定: shozokumitei: unattached, unassigned <<< 所属


pronunciation: mito
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Mito
水戸市: mitoshi: City of Mito <<<
水戸藩: mitohan: Mito Domain <<<
check also: Mito


pronunciation: mitooshi
kanji characters: ,
translation: prospect, outlook, insight, forecast (n.)
見通が立たない: mitooshigatatanai: cannot forecast the future <<<
見通が付かない: mitooshigatsukanai <<<

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