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pronunciation: mitsuba
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 三つ葉
keyword: vegetable
translation: three-leaves, mitsuba, Japanese wild parsley, stone parsley
三葉の: mitsubano: three-leaved
三葉虫: sannyouchuu: trilobite <<<
check also: 四葉


pronunciation: mitsubachi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: insect
translation: honeybee, bee
蜜蜂の巣: mitsubachinosu: honeycomb, honeyhive <<<
蜜蜂の女王: mitsubachinojoou: queen bee <<< 女王
check also: 蜂蜜


pronunciation: mitsubishi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car brand
translation: three lozenges, Mitsubishi (motors)
三菱銀行: mitsubishiginkou: Mitsubishi Bank <<< 銀行


pronunciation: mitsudo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: density
密度計: mitsudokei: densimeter <<<
人口密度: jinkoumitsudo: population density <<< 人口
check also: 比重


pronunciation: mitsumori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: estimation, appraisal, assessment, evaluation
見積する: mitsumorisuru: estimate, assess, evaluate
見積の: mitsumorino: estimated
見積書: mitsumorisho: written estimate <<<
見積額: mitsumorigaku: estimated sum <<<
見積価格: mitsumorikakaku: estimated cost <<< 価格
大凡の見積: ooyosonomitsumori: rough estimate <<< 大凡
過大に見積もる: kadainimitsumoru: overestimate, overvalue <<< 過大
時価に見積もって: jikanimitsumotte: (estimated) in current prices <<< 時価


pronunciation: mitsurin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: plant , nature
translation: thick forest, jungle
check also: ジャングル


pronunciation: mitsuryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , nature
translation: poaching (illegal fishing)
密漁する: mitsuryousuru: poach (fish illegally)
密漁船: mitsuryousen: poaching vessel <<<
check also: 密猟


pronunciation: mitsuryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , nature
translation: poaching (illegal hunting)
密猟の: mitsuryouno: poaching (a.)
密猟する: mitsuryousuru: poach (hunt illegally)
密猟者: mitsuryousha: poacher <<<
check also: 密漁


pronunciation: mitsuyu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business , crime
translation: smuggling, contraband
密輸入: mitsuyunyuu <<<
密輸入者: mitsuyunyuusha: smuggler <<<
密輸する: mitsuyusuru: smuggle
密輸品: mitsuyuhin: smuggled (contraband) goods <<<
密輸船: mitsuyusen: smuggling vessel <<<
密輸酒: mitsuyushu: smuggled alcohol <<<
密輸業者: mitsuyugyousha: smuggling company <<< 業者
武器密輸: bukimitsuyu: arms smuggling, weapons smuggling <<< 武器


pronunciation: mittsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: crime , sex
translation: intrigue (n.), fornication, adultery
密通する: mittsuusuru: intrigue (with), commit adultery (with)
synonyms: 不倫 , 姦通 , 不義

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