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pronunciation: mokusatsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: keeping silence
黙殺する: mokusatsusuru: ignore, neglect, take no notice of


pronunciation: mokusei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: Jupiter


pronunciation: mokusei
kanji characters: ,
translation: wooden
木製の: mokuseino
木製品: mokuseihin: article made of wood, wooden goods <<<


pronunciation: mokusou
kanji characters: ,
translation: meditation, contemplation, musing
黙想する: mokusousuru: meditate, contemplate, muse on
synonyms: 瞑想


pronunciation: mokuteki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: travel , grammar
translation: object, target, goal
目的の無い: mokutekinonai: aimless, purposeless <<<
目的を達する: mokutekiotassuru: attain one's object (aim), fulfill one's purpose <<<
目的地: mokutekichi: destination <<<
目的格: mokutekikaku: objective case <<<
目的語: mokutekigo: object (word) <<<
目的論: mokutekiron: teleology <<<
共通目的: kyoutsuumokuteki: common purpose <<< 共通
主要目的: shuyoumokuteki: primary purpose, principal purpose <<< 主要
間接目的: kansetsumokuteki: indirect object, dative object <<< 間接
check also: 目標


pronunciation: mokutou
kanji characters:
other spells: 黙とう
keyword: christianity
translation: silent prayer
黙祷する: mokutousuru: pray in silence


pronunciation: mokuyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: Thursday
木曜日: mokuyoubi <<<


pronunciation: mokuzen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: immediacy, imminence, imminency
目前の: mokuzennno: impeding, immediate, imminent
目前に: mokuzennni: under [before] one's eye, under one's very nose
目前に迫る: mokuzennnisemaru: be close [near] at hand, hang over (one) <<<


pronunciation: mokuzou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: wooden construction
木造の: mokuzouno: wooden, of wood
木造家屋: mokuzoukaoku: wooden house, frame house <<< 家屋


pronunciation: momen
kanji characters: , 綿
keyword: fabric
translation: cotton (n.)
木綿の: momennno: cotton (a.)
木綿糸: momennito: cotton thread [yarn] <<<
木綿織: momenori: cotton fabrics <<<
木綿織物: momenorimono <<< 織物
木綿物: momenmono: cotton goods <<<
手織木綿: teorimomen: hand-woven [homespun] cotton cloth <<< 手織
天竺木綿: tenjikumomen: T-cloths <<< 天竺

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