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pronunciation: munou
kanji characters: ,
translation: incompetence, lack of ability [skill]
無能力: munouryoku <<<
無能力者: munouryokusha: incompetent person <<<
無能な: munouna: incompetent, incapable, good-for-nothing
check also: 不能


pronunciation: muri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: impossibility, excess
無理な: murina: impossible, unreasonable, unnatural, excessive, immoderate
無理に: murini: by force, forcibly
無理矢理: muriyari
無理をする: muriosuru: overwork (oneself)
無理も無い: murimonai: reasonable, natural, excusable, pardonable <<<
無理強い: murijii: compulsion, coercion <<<
無理を言う: murioiu, murioyuu: cry [ask] for the moon, make an unreasonable demand <<<
無理数: murisuu: irrational number <<<
無理式: murishiki: irrational expression <<<
無理方程式: murihouteishiki: irrational equation <<< 方程式
無理心中: murishinjuu: suicide together forcibly <<< 心中
無理難題: murinandai: unreasonable demand


pronunciation: muryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: free (n.), gratis
無料の: muryouno: free (a.), gratuitous
無料で: muryoude: free of charge, cost-free, gratis, for nothing
無料奉仕: muryouhoushi: free service <<< 奉仕
無料乗車券: muryoujoushaken: free (train) pass
無料観覧券: muryoukanranken: free pass, complementary ticket
無料入場券: muryounyuujouken
無料宿泊所: muryoushukuhakujo: free lodging-house
運賃無料: unchinmuryou: carriage free <<< 運賃
観覧無料: kanranmuryou: free admission <<< 観覧
送料無料: souryoumuryou: free shipping, free postage <<< 送料
郵送無料: yuusoumuryou: postage-free <<< 郵送
通行無料: tsuukoumuryou: toll-free <<< 通行
入場無料: nyuujoumuryou: admission free <<< 入場
check also: 無償 , 有料


pronunciation: musasabi , momonga
kanji characters:
other spells: 鼺鼠, ムササビ, モモンガ
keyword: animal
translation: flying squirrel, pteromyini, petauristini
check also: 栗鼠


pronunciation: musashi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: Musashi (old name of Tokyo and Saitama regions, a famous Japanese swordsman)
武蔵国: musashinokuni: old name of Tokyo and Saitama prefectures <<<
武蔵野: musashino: plain located in West of Tokyo <<<
check also: 東京 , 埼玉 , Miyamoto_musashi


pronunciation: musen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication
translation: wireless, radio
無線電報: musendenpou: wireless telegram [message], radiotelegram <<< 電報
無線電信: musendenshin: wireless telegraph, radiotelegraph
無線電信を打つ: musendenshinnoutsu: send a wireless, send a message by wireless
無線電信で: musendenshinde: by wireless [radio]
無線電信術: musendenshinjutsu: wireless telegraphy, radiotelegraphy
無線電信局: musendenshinkyoku: radio [wireless] station
無線電話: musendenwa: wireless telephone, radiophone, walkie-talkie <<< 電話
無線技師: musengishi: radio [wireless] operator <<< 技師
無線放送: musenhousou: radiobroadcasting, broadcasting by wireless <<< 放送
無線標識: musenhyoushiki: radio [wireless] beacon <<< 標識
無線工学: musenkougaku: radio engineering <<< 工学
無線装置: musensouchi: radio [wireless] apparatus <<< 装置
無線操縦: musensoujuu: radio [wireless] control <<< 操縦
無線操縦機: musensoujuuki: radio-controlled plane <<<
無線自動車: musenjidousha: radio car <<< 自動車
check also: ラジオ


pronunciation: mushi
kanji characters: ,
translation: negligence, ignorance
無視する: mushisuru: disregard, neglect, ignore
人格を無視する: jinkakuomushisuru: ignore a person's personality <<< 人格


pronunciation: mushiba
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: decayed tooth, dental caries
虫歯の: mushibano: carious, decayed
虫歯に成る: mushibaninaru: have tooth decay <<<


pronunciation: mushiboshi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: airing
虫干する: mushiboshisuru: air (v.)


pronunciation: mushin
kanji characters: ,
translation: request, extortion
無心する: mushinsuru: ask [beg, solicit] (a person) for, extort

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