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pronunciation: naminori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: amusement
translation: surfing, surf riding
波乗りをする: naminoriosuru: surf (v.), ride on the surf
波乗り板: naminoriita: surfboard <<<
check also: サーフ , サーフィン


pronunciation: nanairona
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: seven colors, seven kinds [sorts]


pronunciation: nanban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japanese history
translation: Portuguese or Spanish colonies (in South-East Asia)
南蛮人: nanbanjin: Portuguese or Spanish (in 16th century) <<<
南蛮船: nanbansen: Portuguese or Spanish ships <<<
南蛮絵: nanbanne: Western style picture <<<
南蛮寺: nanbanji: Catholic church (in 16th century) <<<
南蛮宗: nanbanshuu: Catholicism <<<
南蛮屏風: nanbanbyoubu: folding screen of western picture <<< 屏風


pronunciation: nanbei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: america
translation: South America
南米の: nanbeino: South American
check also: 北米


pronunciation: nanboku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , position
translation: North and South
南北朝: nanbokuchou: Northern and Southern Dynasties (in Japan and China) <<<
南北時代: nanbokuchoujidai: Northern and Southern Courts period (1336-1392 in Japan, 439-589 in China) <<< 時代
南北戦争: nanbokusensou: American Civil War <<< 戦争 , 内戦
南北問題: nanbokumondai: North-South problem <<< 問題
東西南北: touzainanboku: cardinal points <<< 東西
check also: 東西


pronunciation: nanbyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: incurable [serious, fatal] disease
check also: 重病


pronunciation: nanchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: hardness of hearing
難聴の: nanchouno: hard of hearing
check also: 聾唖


pronunciation: nando
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: how many degrees, how often, how many times
何度も: nandomo: many times, again and again, over and over again, repeatedly, often
check also: 幾度


pronunciation: nanigoto
kanji characters: ,
translation: what, something, everything, nothing
何事にも: nanigotonimo: in all matters [things]
何事に付け: nanigotonitsuke: in every opportunity <<<
何事ですか: nanigotodesuka: What's the matter? What's going on?
何事も無く: nanigotomonaku: peacefully, without accident, without mishap <<<
何事が有ろうと: nanigotogaarouto: whatever [no matter what] may happen <<<
何事が起ろうと: nanigotogaokorouto <<<


pronunciation: nanimono
kanji characters: ,
translation: what (sort of) person, who
何者の仕業だろう: nanimononoshiwazadarou: Who has done it? <<< 仕業
彼は何者ですか: karehananimonodesuka: Who is he? What does he do (for living)? <<<
check also: 何方 ,

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