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pronunciation: osen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: environment
translation: contamination, pollution
汚染する: osensuru: contaminate, pollute
汚染した: osenshita: contaminated, polluted
汚染を除く: osennonozoku: decontaminate <<<
汚染除去: osenjokyo: decontamination <<< 除去
汚染源: osengen: pollutant <<<
汚染物質: onsenbusshitsu <<< 物質
大気汚染: taikiosen: air pollution <<< 大気
産業汚染: sangyouosen: industrial pollution <<< 産業
複合汚染: hukugouosen: combined [compound, multiplied] pollution <<< 複合
環境汚染: kankyouosen: environment pollution [contamination] <<< 環境


pronunciation: oshaberi
kanji characters: ,
translation: chattering, idle prattle, idle talk, chat, prattler, chatterbox
御喋りな: oshaberina: talkative, gabby, gossiping
御喋りする: oshaberisuru: talk much, chat, prattle, chatter, visit with (a person)
御喋り女: oshaberionnna: babbler (f.), chatterbox, chatterer <<<
check also:


pronunciation: oshibori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: wet hand towel
check also: タオル


pronunciation: oshidori
kanji characters:
keyword: bird
translation: mandarin duck
鴛鴦夫婦: oshidorihuuhu: happily married couple <<< 夫婦


pronunciation: oshiire
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 押し入
keyword: furniture
translation: closet, wardrobe
押入る: oshiiru: break into, force one's way into
synonyms: クローゼット


pronunciation: oshika , ojika
kanji characters: , 鹿
other spells: 男鹿
keyword: animal
translation: stag, buck
牡鹿半島: oshikahantou, ojikahantou: Oshika [Ojika] Peninsula <<< 半島
check also: 宮城


pronunciation: oshime
kanji characters: , 湿
keyword: hygiene
translation: diaper (n.), nappy, napkin
御湿を当てる: oshimeateru: diaper (v.) <<<
御湿をさせる: omutsuosaseru
御湿を替える: oshimeokaeru: change the diaper <<<


pronunciation: oshiroi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: cosmetic
translation: face powder
白粉を付ける: oshiroiotsukeru: powder [paint] (one's face) <<<
白粉入れ: oshiroiire: powder compact [box] <<<
白粉刷毛: oshiroibake: powder puff <<< 刷毛
白粉花: oshiroibana: marvel-of-Peru, four-o'clock <<<


pronunciation: oshiuri
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 押し売
keyword: crime
translation: importunate peddler, high-pressure salesmanship, hard sell
押売する: oshiurisuru: press (a person) to buy, force (a thing) upon (a person)


pronunciation: oshoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , crime
translation: official corruption, bribery
汚職する: oshokusuru: receive a bribe, graft
汚職事件: oshokujiken: corruption [bribery] case <<< 事件
汚職行為: oshokukoui: corrupt practice <<< 行為
汚職政治: oshokuseiji: corrupt politics <<< 政治
汚職役人: oshokuyakunin: corrupt official <<< 役人
汚職官吏: oshokukanri <<< 官吏
check also: 贈賄

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