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pronunciation: rikishi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: martial art
translation: sumo wrestler
check also: 相撲


pronunciation: rikon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: divorce (n.), separation
離婚する: rikonsuru: divorce (v.), separate
離婚者: rikonsha: divorcee, divorced person <<<
離婚届: rikontodoke: divorce notice <<<
離婚手続: rikontetsuZuki: divorce procedure <<< 手続
離婚訴訟: rikonsoshou: suit for divorce <<< 訴訟
離婚訴訟を起こす: rikonsoshouookosu: file a suit for divorce <<<
協議離婚: kyougirikon: divorce by consent <<< 協議
合意離婚: gouirikon: divorce by mutual agreement <<< 合意
check also: 結婚


pronunciation: rikou
kanji characters: ,
translation: cleverness, intelligence
利口な: rikouna: clever, intelligent, wise, keen, shrewd
利口そうな: rikousouna: intelligent-looking
利口ぶる: rikouburu: try to be smart
check also: 馬鹿


pronunciation: rikugun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: army
陸軍の: rikugunnno: military
陸軍省: rikugunshou: ministry of war <<<
陸軍大臣: rikugundaijin: minister of war <<< 大臣
陸軍長官: rikugunchoukan: secretary of war <<< 長官
陸軍士官: rikugunshikan: military officer, army officer <<< 士官
陸軍士官学校: rikugunshikangakkou: military academy <<< 学校
陸軍病院: rikugunbyouin: military hospital <<< 病院
陸軍元帥: rikugungensui: field marshal <<< 元帥
陸軍大将: rikuguntaishou: (full) general <<< 大将
陸軍武官: rikugunbukan: military attaché
check also: 海軍 , 空軍


pronunciation: rikujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport , sport
translation: land (n.), surface
陸上の: rikujouno: land (a.), surface
陸上で: rikujoude: on land (shore)
陸上勤務: rikujoukinmu: on shore duty <<< 勤務
陸上輸送: rikujouyusou: overland transportation <<< 輸送
陸上競技: rikujoukyougi: athleticism, track sports <<< 競技
陸上自衛隊: rikujoujieitai: Ground Self-Defense Force
大邱世界陸上: taikyuusekairikujou: Daegu [Taegu] World Championships in Athletics (2011) <<< 大邱
check also: 海上


pronunciation: rikutsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: reason, truth, theory, logic, argument, quibble, sophistry, pretext
理屈っぽい: rikutsuppoi: argumentative, captious
理屈に合う: rikutsuniau: stand to reason, be reasonable <<<
理屈に合わない: rikutsuniawanai: contradict oneself, be illogical, do not hold water
理屈が立たない: rikutsugatatanai <<<
理屈を付ける: rikutsuotsukeru: give a reason (for) <<<
理屈を言う: rikutsuoiu: argue, theorize <<<
理屈を捏ねる: rikutsuokoneru: raise captious objections (to, against), cavil (at, about), chop logic <<<
理屈屋: rikutsuya: argumentative person, theory-monger <<<
屁理屈: herikutsu: quibble <<<
屁理屈を言う: herikutsuoiu: quibble, chop logic, argue for argument's sake <<<
屁理屈を捏ねる: herikutsuokoneru <<<
屁理屈屋: herikutsuya: quibbler, sophist <<<
check also: 理論 , 道理 , 口実


pronunciation: rikuzen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Rikuzen (old name of Miyagi and southern part of Iwate prefectures)
陸前国: rikuzennnokuni <<<
陸前高田: rikuzentakada: City of Rikuzen-Takada
陸前高田市: rikuzentakadashi
check also: 宮城 , 岩手


pronunciation: rinen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: philosophy
translation: idea, concept, ideology
理念に富む: rinennnitomu: full of ideas <<<
理念界: rinenkai: mindscape, world of ideas <<<
check also: アイデア


pronunciation: ringetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine , kids
translation: month of parturition
臨月に近い: ringetsunichikai: Her time is near <<<
臨月の女性: ringetsunojosei: parturient woman <<< 女性
check also: 出産 , 分娩


pronunciation: ringo
kanji characters:
other spells: リンゴ
keyword: fruit
translation: apple
林檎の木: ringonoki: apple tree <<<
林檎酒: ringoshu: cider <<<
林檎酢: ringosu: cider vinegar <<<
林檎酸: ringosan: malic acid <<<
林檎園: ringoen: apple orchard <<<
林檎ケーキ: ringokeeki: apple pie, apfelstrudel <<< ケーキ
林檎パイ: ringopai <<< パイ
焼林檎: yakiringo: baked apple <<<
synonyms: アップル

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