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pronunciation: risshuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: settling-in (first day) of autumn
check also: 立春


pronunciation: risu
kanji characters: ,
other spells: リス
keyword: animal
translation: squirrel, chipmunk


pronunciation: ritchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: localization
立地条件: ritchijouken: condition of location [localization] <<< 条件
立地条件が良い: ritchijoukengaii, ritchijoukengayoi: be favorably located <<<
立地条件が悪い: ritchijoukengawarui: be unfavorably located <<<
check also: 位置


pronunciation: riten
kanji characters: ,
translation: advantage
利点が有る: ritengaaru: have advantage (over) <<<


pronunciation: ritou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: detached island


pronunciation: ritsuan
kanji characters: ,
translation: planning
立案する: ritsuansuru: form [draw up] a plan, frame, deign
立案者: ritsuansha: planner, framer of a project <<<
check also: 企画 , 計画


pronunciation: rittai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: solid (n.)
立体の: rittaino: solid (a.), three-dimensional
立体感: rittaikan: cubic effect <<<
立体派: rittaiha: cubism <<<
立体戦: rittaisensou: three-dimensional warfare <<<
立体戦争: rittaisensou <<< 戦争
立体映画: rittaieiga: three-dimensional film, 3D picture <<< 映画
立体音楽: rittaiongaku: stereophonic music <<< 音楽
立体音響: rittaionkyou: stereophonic sound, stereophony <<< 音響
立体幾何: rittaikika: solid geometry <<< 幾何
立体幾何学: rittaikikagaku <<<
立体交差: rittaikousa: two-level crossing, grade separation <<< 交差
立体交差道路: rittaikousadouro: flyover roadway, overpass <<< 道路
立体駐車場: rittaichuushajou: multi-story parking garage
立体放送: rittaihousou: stereophonic [binaural] broadcast <<< 放送
check also: 平面


pronunciation: rittou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: settling-in (first day) of winter


pronunciation: riyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: environment , transport
translation: use, utilization
利用する: riyousuru: utilize, make use of, put (a thing) to use, turn (a thing) to account [advantage], avail oneself of, take advantage of, make the most of, exploit, use (a person) as a tool
利用出来る: riyoudekiru: available <<< 出来
利用出来ない: riyoudekinai: unavailable
利用者: riyousha: user <<< , ユーザー
利用度: riyoudo: utilization rate <<<
利用価値: riyoukachi: utility value <<< 価値
再利用: sairiyou: recycling <<< , リサイクル
再利用する: sairiyousuru: recycle, reclaim, reuse
check also: 使用


pronunciation: riyuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: reason, cause, justification, motive, ground, pretext, excuse
理由の有る: riyuunoaru: reasonable, justifiable <<<
理由の無い: riyuunonai: unreasonable, groundless <<<
理由無くして: riyuunakushite: without good reason (cause)
理由で: riyuude: by reason of, on account of
理由を以って: riyuuomotte <<<
理由を述べる: riyuuonoberu: state the reason, tell why <<<
相当の理由: soutounoriyuu: sufficient (good) reason <<< 相当
薄弱な理由: hakujakunariyuu: flimsy reason, weak argument <<< 薄弱
色々の理由で: iroironoriyuude: for various reasons <<< 色々
存在理由: sonzairiyuu: reason for being, raison d'être <<< 存在
判決理由: hanketsuriyuu: reasons for the judgment <<< 判決
起訴理由: kisoriyuu: charge <<< 起訴

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