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pronunciation: ryoushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: hunter, huntsman
check also: 狩人 , 漁師 , ハンター


pronunciation: ryoushi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fish
translation: fisherman
check also: 猟師


pronunciation: ryoushin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: father and mother, one's parents
両親の: ryoushinnno: parental
両親の愛: ryoushinnnoai: parental affection [love] <<<
国元の両親: kunimotonoryoushin: one's parents at home <<< 国元
check also: 父母 , 片親


pronunciation: ryoushou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: approval, consent (n.), agreement
了承する: ryoushousuru: approve, consent (v.), agree
check also: 承認 , 同意 , 承知


pronunciation: ryoushu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: feudal lord
check also: 大名


pronunciation: ryoushuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: receipt
領収する: ryoushuusuru: receive (money)
領収書: ryoushuusho: receipt <<< , レシート
領収済: ryoushuuzumi: Paid <<<
領収者: ryoushuusha: receiver <<<
check also: 受取


pronunciation: ryoute
kanji characters: ,
translation: both hands
両手で: ryoutede: with both hands
両手利きの: ryoutekikino: ambidextrous <<<
両手利きの人: ryoutekikinohito: ambidexter <<<
両手を広げる: ryouteohirogeru: stretch out one's arms <<<
両手に花: ryoutenihana: be doubly blessed, sit between two beauties <<<
check also: 片手


pronunciation: ryuuchou
kanji characters:
translation: fluency, eloquence
流暢な: ryuuchouna: fluent, flowing, eloquent, smooth
流暢に: ryuuchouni: fluently
流暢に話す: ryuuchounihanasu: speak fluently <<<


pronunciation: ryuugaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: abroad study
留学する: ryuugakusuru: study abroad, go abroad for study
留学生: ryuugakusei: student from (in) a foreign country, foreign student <<<


pronunciation: ryuuhyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: drift ice, floe
check also: 氷山

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