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pronunciation: reiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fantasy , religion
translation: aura, spiritual ambience [atmosphere]
霊気の: reikino: aural, spiritual
check also: オーラ


pronunciation: reiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: cold air, chill
冷気を感じる: reikiokanjiru: feel chilly <<<
synonyms: 寒気
antonyms: 熱気


pronunciation: reikyaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: cooling, refrigeration
冷却する: reikyakusuru: cool (v.), refrigerate
冷却器: reikyakuki: refrigerator, cooler, freezer, radiator <<<
冷却塔: reikyakutou: cooling tower <<<
冷却室: reikyakushitsu: cooling chamber <<<
冷却材: reikyakuzai: refrigerant (n.) <<<
冷却水: reikyakusui: cooling water <<<
冷却液: reikyakueki: cooling liquid [fluid] <<<
冷却装置: reikyakusouchi: cooling device <<< 装置
冷却期間: reikyakukikan: cooling-off period <<< 期間
空気冷却: kuukireikyaku: air cooling <<< 空気
synonyms: 冷凍
check also: 冷房


pronunciation: reikyuu
kanji characters: ,
translation: coffin, casket
霊柩車: reikyuusha: (motor) hearse, funeral car <<<
check also: 棺桶


pronunciation: reimei
kanji characters:
keyword: history , time
translation: dawn, daybreak
黎明に: reimeini: at dawn
黎明期: reimeiki: dawn of the epoch <<<
synonyms: 明方 , 夜明


pronunciation: reisei
kanji characters: ,
translation: calmness, coolness, composure
冷静な: reiseina: calm, cool, composed
冷静に: reiseini: calmly, coolly, composedly
冷静な人: reiseinahito: cool-headed man, cool and collected person <<<
冷静にする: reiseinisuru: keep one's head cool, keep one's composure
冷静を保つ: reiseiotamotsu <<<
冷静を失う: reiseioushinau: lose one's head [presence of mind], be upset <<<
冷静に構える: reiseinikamaeru: take a calm attitude (toward) <<<
冷静に帰る: reiseinikaeru: recover one's mental balance <<<
冷静に考える: reiseinikangaeru: take things coolly <<<
冷静に行動: surureiseinikoudousuru: act [behave, comport, conduct] calmly <<< 行動
check also: クール


pronunciation: reisen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , politics
translation: cold war


pronunciation: reishi , raishi
kanji characters:
other spells: レイシ, ライシ
keyword: fruit
translation: lychee, litchi, laichi, lichu


pronunciation: reishou
kanji characters: ,
translation: sneer (n.), jeer, derision
冷笑する: reishousuru: sneer (v.) [jeer] (at), deride, sting (a person) with sneers


pronunciation: reisui
kanji characters: ,
translation: cold water
冷水浴: reisuiyoku: cold bath <<<
冷水浴をする: reisuiyokuosuru: take a cold bath
冷水摩擦: reisuimasatsu: cold rubdown <<< 摩擦
冷水摩擦をする: reisuimasatsuosuru: rubdown with a cold wet towel
年寄の冷水: toshiyorinohiyamizu: indiscretion of the old <<< 年寄
check also: 温水

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