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pronunciation: shousa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: military rank
translation: major, lieutenant commander
check also: 大佐 , 中佐


pronunciation: shousai
kanji characters: ,
translation: detail, particular
詳細な: shousaina: detailed, full
詳細に: shousaini: in detail, fully, at length


pronunciation: shousan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 賞賛
translation: praise (n.), admiration, applause
称賛する: shousansuru: praise (v.), admire, speak highly [in high terms] (of)
称賛すべき: shousansubeki: praiseworthy, admirable, laudable
称賛に値する: shousannniataisuru: be worthy of praise, deserve admiration <<<
称賛を博する: shousannohakusuru: win the admiration (of) <<<
称賛の辞: shousannnoji: eulogy <<< , 賛辞


pronunciation: shousan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: nitric acid
硝酸塩: shousannen: nitrate <<<
硝酸銀: shousangin: common [lunar] caustic, silver nitrate <<<
硝酸カリウム: shousankariumu: potassium nitrate, saltpeter <<< カリウム


pronunciation: shousetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: literature
translation: novel, romance, fiction
小説を書く: shousetsuokaku: write a novel <<<
小説にする: shousetsunisuru: fictionalize, novelize
小説的: shousetsuteki: fictitious, romantic <<<
小説の様な: shousetsunoyouna <<<
小説家: shousetsuka: novelist <<<
私小説: shishousetsu: novel depicting the author's private life <<<
剣豪小説: kengoushousetsu: story of master swordsman <<< 剣豪
風刺小説: huushishousetsu: satirical novel <<< 風刺
恋愛小説: rennaishousetsu: love story <<< 恋愛
探偵小説: tanteishousetsu: detective story <<< 探偵
少女小説: shoujoshousetsu: story of girls <<< 少女
怪奇小説: kaikishousetsu: mystery story, thriller <<< 怪奇
科学小説: kagakushousetsu: science fiction <<< 科学
官能小説: kannnoushousetsu: erotic novel <<< 官能
歴史小説: rekishishousetsu: historical novel <<< 歴史
連続小説: renzokushousetsu: serial story <<< 連続
喜劇小説: kigekishousetsu: comic novel <<< 喜劇
風俗小説: huuzokushousetsu: novel of popular manners <<< 風俗
大衆小説: taishuushousetsu: popular novel <<< 大衆
大河小説: taigashousetsu: saga novel, roman fleuve <<< 大河
空想科学小説: kuusoukagakushousetsu: science fiction novel <<< 空想
娯楽小説: gorakushousetsu: entertainment novel <<< 娯楽
連載小説: rensaishousetsu: serial novel <<< 連載
海洋小説: kaiyoushousetsu: sea story <<< 海洋
心理小説: shinrishousetsu: psychological novel <<< 心理
実話小説: jitsuwashousetsu: non-fiction novel <<< 実話
冒険小説: boukenshousetsu: adventure novel <<< 冒険
ロマンス小説: romansushousetsu: romance novel <<< ロマンス
スパイ小説: supaishousetsu: spy story [novel] <<< スパイ
ユーモア小説: yuumoashousetsu: humorous novel <<< ユーモア
サスペンス小説: sasupensushousetsu: novel of suspense <<< サスペンス
ミステリー小説: misuteriishousetsu: mystery novel <<< ミステリー
スリラー小説: suriraashousetsu: crime novel [story] <<< スリラー


pronunciation: shousha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: trading company, commercial firm
check also: 商会


pronunciation: shoushin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , job
translation: promotion, advancement
昇進する: shoushinsuru: promote, advance, rise
check also: 左遷 , 出世


pronunciation: shoushin
kanji characters: ,
translation: cowardice, timidity
小心な: shoushinnna: timid, corwadly, fainthearted, prudent, cautious
小心者: shoushinmono: coward, timid person <<<
synonyms: 内気 , 臆病


pronunciation: shoushitsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: disappearance
消失する: shoushitsusuru: disappear, vanish
check also: 消滅


pronunciation: shousho
kanji characters: ,
keyword: finance
translation: bond, deed, document, paper, voucher, certificate, diploma
修了証書: shuuryoushousho: diploma, certificate <<< 修了
抵当証書: teitoushousho: mortgage bond <<< 抵当
権利証書: kenrishousho: certificate of title, title deed <<< 権利
出生証書: shusseishousho: birth certificate <<< 出生
預金証書: yokinshousho: deposit receipt [certificate] <<< 預金
寄託証書: kitakushousho: deposit certificate <<< 寄託
公正証書: kouseishousho: notarial deed <<< 公正
保険証書: hokenshousho: insurance policy <<< 保険
拒絶証書: kyozetsushousho: bill protest <<< 拒絶
卒業証書: sotsugyoushousho: diploma <<< 卒業
譲渡証書: joutoshousho: deed of transfer <<< 譲渡

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