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pronunciation: shuujitsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: all day long, from morning till night, throughout the day
終日終夜: shuujitsushuuya: day and night


pronunciation: shuuka
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 集貨
keyword: transport
translation: cargo booking, collection of cargo
集荷所: shuukasho, shuukajo: collecting point <<<


pronunciation: shuukai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: meeting, assembly, gathering, rally
集会する: shuukaisuru: meet together, assemble, gather
集会場: shuukaijou: assembly hall, meeting place <<<
集会所: shuukaisho, shuukaijo <<<
集会地: shuukaichi: meeting place <<<
抗議集会: kougishuukai: protest rally <<< 抗議
政治集会: seijishuukai: political meeting, rally <<< 政治
不法集会: huhoushuukai: illegal assembly <<< 不法
職場集会: shokubashuukai: workshop rally <<< 職場
check also: 集合 , ミーティング


pronunciation: shuukaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: farming
translation: harvest (n.), crop
収穫する: shuukakusuru: harvest (v.), crop
収穫高: shuukakudaka: yield, crop <<<
収穫期: shuukakuki: harvesting season <<<
収穫時: shuukakuji <<<
収穫祭: shuukakusai: harvest home [festival] <<<


pronunciation: shuukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: a week (period)
一週間: isshuukan: one week <<<
幾週間も: ikushuukanmo: for weeks <<<
読書週間: dokushoshuukan: book week <<< 読書


pronunciation: shuukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: weekly publication
週刊の: shuukannno: weekly (published)
週刊誌: shuukanshi: weekly magazine <<<
週刊新聞: shuukanshinbun: weekly journal <<< 新聞
check also: 月刊 , 季刊 , 週間


pronunciation: shuukan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: habit, custom, practice
習慣が有る: shuukangaaru: have a habit of, be used to, be accustomed to <<<
習慣から: shuukankara: by habit
習慣を付ける: shuukannotsukeru: fall [get] into the habit of <<<
習慣を止める: shuukannoyameru: break off [give up] a habit <<<
習慣的: shuukanteki: habitual, customary, usual <<<
習慣的に: shuukantekini: habitually, customarily
習慣に従う: shuukannnishitagau: follow the customs <<<
食習慣: shokushuukan: eating [dietary] habits <<<
長年の習慣: neganennnoshuukan: old habit <<< 長年
風俗習慣: huuzokushuukan: manners and customs <<< 風俗
synonyms: 習性 , 慣習
check also: 常習


pronunciation: shuukatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: job hunting


pronunciation: shuukei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: tally (n.)
集計する: shuukeisuru: tally (v.), make up
集計係: shuukeigakari: tallyman <<<
check also: 合計


pronunciation: shuuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: period, cycle
周期的: shuukiteki: periodic, periodical, recurrent <<<
周期的に: shuukitekini: periodically
周期性: shuukisei: periodicity <<<
周期律: shuukiritsu: periodic law <<<
周期律表: shuukiritsuhyou: periodic table (of elements) <<<
周期電流: shuukidenryuu: periodic current <<< 電流
周期運動: shuukiundou: periodic movement <<< 運動
月経周期: gekkeishuuki: menstruation cycle <<< 月経
振動周期: shindoushuuki: oscillation period <<< 振動

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