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pronunciation: shuukyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: religion, faith
宗教的: shuukyouteki: religious <<<
宗教家: shuukyouka: religionist, theologist <<<
宗教界: shuukyoukai: religious world <<<
宗教団体: shuukyoudantai: communion, religious group <<< 団体
宗教裁判: shuukyousaiban: inquisition <<< 裁判
宗教改革: shuukyoukaikaku: religious reform <<< 改革
宗教音楽: shuukyouongaku: religious music <<< 音楽
宗教会議: shuukyoukaigi: religious council <<< 会議
宗教政治: shuukyouseiji: theocracy <<< 政治
宗教哲学: shuukyoutetsugaku: philosophy of religion <<< 哲学
無宗教: mushuukyou: atheism <<<
無宗教の: mushuukyouno: religionless, atheistic
原始宗教: genshishuukyou: primitive [prehistoric] religion <<< 原始


pronunciation: shuumaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: show
translation: the last scene, end, close
終幕を迎える: shuumakuomukaeru: come to an end <<<
synonyms: 結末


pronunciation: shuumatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: weekend
週末に: shuumatsuni: at the weekend
週末旅行: shuumatsuryokou: weekend trip <<< 旅行
週末旅行者: shuumatsuryokousha: weekender <<<
良い週末を: yoishuumatsuo: Have a good weekend! <<<
antonyms: 平日
check also: 年末 , 月末


pronunciation: shuunen
kanji characters: ,
translation: tenacity of purpose, spite
執念深い: shuunenbukai: vindictive, revengeful, tenacious <<<
執念深く: shuunenbukaku: obstinately
check also: 不屈


pronunciation: shuunin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: assumption of office, inauguration
就任する: shuuninsuru: take (up) one's post, take [assume, come into] office (as), be installed (in a post)
就任式: shuuninshiki: inaugural ceremony <<<
就任演説: shuuninnenzetsu: acceptance [inaugural] speech <<< 演説
就任の辞: shuuninnnoji <<<


pronunciation: shuunou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: reception, receipt
収納する: shuunousuru: receive
収納係: shuunougakari: receiver, receiving teller <<<
収納伝票: shuunoudenpyou: receipts <<< 伝票 , レシート
check also: 収入


pronunciation: shuunyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: income, revenue, earnings
収入が多い: shuunyuugaooi: have a large income, draw a large salary <<<
収入が少ない: shuunyuugasukunai: have a small income <<<
収入を得る: shuunyuuoeru: earn [gain] an income <<<
収入に成る: shuunyuuninaru: bring in <<<
収入役: shuunyuuyaku: treasurer <<<
収入印紙: shuunyuuinshi: revenue stamp <<< 印紙
雑収入: zatsushuunyuu: miscellaneous receipts <<<
総収入: soushuunyuu: gross income <<<
実収入: jitsushuunyuu: net income <<<
年収入: nenshuunyuu: annual income <<<
副収入: hukushuunyuu: supplementary income <<<
通常収入: tsuujoushuunyuu: ordinary income <<< 通常
一定の収入: itteinoshuunyuu: regular income <<< 一定
check also: 支出


pronunciation: shuurai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: invasion, attack (n.), raid
襲来する: shuuraisuru: invade, attack (v.), raid, make an inroad (upon), hot, strike
synonyms: 侵略


pronunciation: shuurei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: beauty
translation: grace, elegance, beauty
秀麗な: shuureina: graceful, elegant, beautiful
check also: 優美


pronunciation: shuuri
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry , car
translation: repair (n.), repairing
修理する: shuurisuru: repair (v.), mend
修理中: shuurichuu: under repair <<<
修理工: shuurikou: repairer, repairman, mechanic <<<
修理費: shuurihi: repair costs, repairing charges, cost of repair <<<
修理代金: shuuridaikin <<< 代金
修理工場: shuurikoujou: workshop, repair shop, garage <<< 工場
パンク修理: pankushuuri: repair of a puncture <<< パンク
パンクを修理する: pankuoshuurisuru: mend a puncture, fix a flat <<< パンク
check also: 修繕

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