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pronunciation: sougi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: funeral service, funeral rites, burial service
葬儀を行う: sougiookonau: perform a funeral service <<<
葬儀係: sougigakari: person in charge of a funeral <<<
葬儀場: sougijou: funeral hall <<<
葬儀社: sougisha: undertaker's office <<<
葬儀屋: sougiya: undertake, mortician <<<
葬儀委員: sougiiin: funeral committee <<< 委員
葬儀自動車: sougijidousha: motor hearse <<< 自動車
check also: 葬式


pronunciation: sougo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: society
translation: reciprocity
相互の: sougono: mutual, reciprocal
相互に: sougoni: mutually, each other, one another
相互に助け合う: sougonitasukeau: help each other
相互に作用する: sougonisayousuru: interact <<< 作用
相互関係: sougokankei: mutual [reciprocal] relation <<< 関係
相互依存.: sougoizon: linkage, interlocking, entanglement, interlacing, interpenetration
相互銀行: sougoginkou: mutual (financing) bank <<< 銀行
相互組合: sougokumiai: cooperative society <<< 組合
相互作用: sougosayou: reciprocal action, interaction <<< 作用
相互接続: sougosetsuzoku: interconnection <<< 接続
相互扶助: sougohujo: mutual aid
相互保険: sougohoken: mutual insurance <<< 保険
synonyms: 交互


pronunciation: sougou
kanji characters: ,
translation: synthesis
総合する: sougousuru: put together, coordinate, synthesize
総合的: sougouteki: synthetic, composite, all-around, overall <<<
総合経済: sougoukeizai: macroeconomy, overall economy <<< 経済
総合計画: sougoukeikaku: comprehensive program <<< 計画
総合芸術: sougougeijutsu: composite art <<< 芸術
総合雑誌: sougouzasshi: all-round magazine <<< 雑誌
総合成績: sougouseiseki: overall result <<< 成績
総合病院: sougoubyouin: general hospital <<< 病院


pronunciation: souguu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: encounter (n.)
遭遇する: souguusuru: come across, meet with, encounter (v.)
遭遇戦: souguusen: skirmish <<<


pronunciation: sougyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry
translation: work (n.), operation, run (n.)
操業する: sougyousuru: work (v.), operate, run (v.)
操業費: sougyouhi: operation expense <<<
操業停止: sougyouteishi: shutdown, stoppage <<< 停止
操業休止: sougyoukyuushi <<< 休止
操業短縮: sougyoutanshuku: short-time operation <<< 短縮
操業制限: sougyouseigen: output restriction <<< 制限
操業日数: sougyounissuu: days operated <<< 日数
完全操業: kanzensougyou: full operation <<< 完全
check also: 稼働


pronunciation: sougyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: inauguration (of an enterprise)
創業する: sougyousuru: start (business), found, establish
創業者: sougyousha: founder <<<
創業費: sougyouhi: starting [initial] expenses <<<
check also: 設立


pronunciation: souhu
kanji characters: ,
translation: sending, dispatching, shipment, expedition, remittance
送付する: souhusuru: send, dispatch, forward, remit
送付先: souhusaki: addressee <<<
送付者: souhusha: sender <<<


pronunciation: soui
kanji characters: ,
translation: difference, disparity, gap, discrepancy, disagreement, contrast
相違する: souisuru: differ (from, in), be different (from), disagree (with), be at variance (with), be contrary to
相違無く: souinaku: beyond doubt, beyond question, without doubt, decidedly, undoubtedly <<<
相違点: souiten: point of difference <<<
案に相違して: annnisouishite: unexpectedly, contrary to one's expectations <<<
見解の相違だ: kenkainosouida: That is a matter of opinion <<< 見解
格段の相違: kakudannnosoui: huge [essential, major] difference [disparity] <<< 格段
check also: 対照


pronunciation: souji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: cleaning, sweeping
掃除する: soujisuru: clean up, sweep
掃除機: soujiki: vacuum cleaner <<<
掃除夫: soujihu: (male) cleaner, sweeper <<<
掃除婦: soujihu: cleaning woman <<<
掃除道具: soujidougu: dusting [scrubbing] things <<< 道具
大掃除: oosouji: spring cleaning <<<
耳を掃除する: mimiosoujisuru: clean one's ears <<<
煙突掃除: entotsusouji: chimney sweeping, chimney sweeper <<< 煙突
煙突掃除をする: entotsusoujiosuru: sweep a chimney <<< 煙突
check also: 清掃


pronunciation: soujuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: life
translation: precocity, premature (n.)
早熟な: soujukuna: precocious, premature (a.), forward, early
早熟の: soujukuno

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