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pronunciation: soroban
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: abacus
算盤高い: sorobandakai: be calculating <<<
算盤が合わない: sorobangaawanai: The accounts do not square, It is a losing business <<<
算盤が取れる: sorobangatoreru: pay, be profitable <<<
算盤の取れる: sorobannnotoreru: paying, profitable
算盤を弾く: sorobannohajiku: work [use] an abacus, calculate <<<
算盤玉: sorobandama: counter <<<
算盤珠: sorobandama <<<


pronunciation: sosei
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 甦生
keyword: medicine
translation: revival, resurrection, reanimation
蘇生する: soseisuru: revive (vi.), come to (oneself, life again), resuscitate
蘇生させる: soseisaseru: bring (back) to life [consciousness], revive (vt.), resuscitate, reanimate
蘇生術: soseijutsu: resuscitation <<<
check also: 復活


pronunciation: sosen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: ancestor, forefather, progenitor
祖先の系図: sosennnokeizu: genealogy, ancestor chart, family tree, pedigree <<< 系図
祖先崇拝: sosensuuhai: ancestor worship <<< 崇拝
祖先自慢: sosenjiman: ancestral pride <<< 自慢
check also: 先祖


pronunciation: soshiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , politics
translation: organization, system
組織する: soshikisuru: form, organize, constitute, compose, set up, incorporate
組織の無い: soshikinonai: systemless <<<
組織的: soshikiteki: methodic, systematic <<<
組織化: soshikika: systematization <<<
組織化する: soshikikasuru: systematize
組織者: soshikisha: organizer <<<
組織網: soshikimou: network of system <<<
組織票: soshikihyou: block votes <<<
組織学: soshikigaku: histology <<<
組織学者: soshikigakusha: histologist <<< 学者
内閣を組織する: naikakuososhikisuru: form (organize) a cabinet <<< 内閣
脂肪組織: shibousoshiki: adipose tissue <<< 脂肪
海綿組織: kaimensoshiki: spongy tissue <<< 海綿
繊維組織: sennisoshiki: fibrous tissue <<< 繊維
筋肉組織: kinnnikusoshiki: muscular system <<< 筋肉
法人組織にする: houjinsoshikinisuru: incorporate (a business) <<< 法人
会社組織: kaishasoshiki: company system <<< 会社
地下組織: chikasoshiki: secret organization <<< 地下
細胞組織: saibousoshiki: cellular tissue <<< 細胞


pronunciation: soshou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: suit, lawsuit, action
訴訟に勝つ: soshounikatsu: win a suit <<<
訴訟に負ける: soshounimakeru: lose a suit <<<
訴訟を起こす: soshouookosu: go to law (against a person), sue a person (for damages), bring an action (against a person) <<<
訴訟上の: soshoujouno: procedural <<<
訴訟人: soshounin: plaintiff, suitor <<<
訴訟法: soshouhou: code of legal procedure <<<
訴訟沙汰にする: soshouzatanisuru: go to law (against a person) <<< 沙汰
訴訟行為: soshoukoui: acts of procedure <<< 行為
訴訟費用: soshouhiyou: costs of an action <<< 費用
訴訟事件: soshoujiken: legal case, lawsuit <<< 事件
訴訟手続: soshoutetsuZuki: legal proceedings (against a person) <<< 手続
訴訟手続をする: soshoutetsuZukiosuru: take legal proceedings (against a person)
訴訟代理人: soshoudairinin: counsel, attorney
訴訟依頼人: soshouirainin: client
訴訟当事者: soshoutoujisha: parties (to a lawsuit), litigants <<< 当事者
刑事訴訟: keijisoshou: criminal action [suit] <<< 刑事
行政訴訟: gyouseisoshou: administrative litigation <<< 行政
離婚訴訟: rikonsoshou: suit for divorce <<< 離婚
check also: 起訴 , 裁判


pronunciation: sotchoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: frankness, directness, openness, sincerity
率直な: sotchokuna: frank, direct, sincere
率直に: sotchokuni: frankly
率直に話す: sotchokunihanasu: speak plainly (and frankly), call a spade a spade <<<
率直に言う: sotchokuniiu <<<
率直に言えば: sotchokuniieba: to be frank (candid) with you, frankly speaking, in plain words
率直な言葉: sotchokunakotoba: outspokenness <<< 言葉


pronunciation: sotchuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: apoplexy, cerebral paralysis
卒中性: sotchuusei: apoplectic (a.), apoplectical <<<
卒中性の人: sotchuuseinohito: apoplectic (n.) <<<
卒中の人: sotchuunohito
卒中を起こす: sotchuuookosu: suffer [have, be seized with] a stroke (of apoplexy) <<<
卒中に罹かる: sotchuunikakaru <<<
卒中で死ぬ: sotchuudeshinu: die of an apoplectic stroke <<<
卒中発作: sotchuuhossa: attack of apoplexy <<< 発作
脳卒中: nousotchuu: cerebral attack <<<


pronunciation: sotogawa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: position
translation: outer side, outside (n.)
外側の: sotogawano: outside (a.), outer
外側から: sotogawakara: from without
antonyms: 内側


pronunciation: sotsugyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: graduation
卒業する: sotsugyousuru: graduate (v.)
卒業式: sotsugyoushiki: graduation ceremony <<<
卒業生: sotsugyousei: graduate (n.), alumnus <<<
卒業免状: sotsugyoumenjou: diploma <<< 免状
卒業証書: sotsugyoushousho <<< 証書
卒業試験: sotsugyoushiken: graduation examination <<< 試験
卒業論文: sotsugyouronbun: graduation thesis <<< 論文 , 卒論
卒業アルバム: sotsugyouarubamu: yearbook <<< アルバム
antonyms: 入学


pronunciation: sotsuron
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: graduation thesis

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