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pronunciation: senkyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: occupation
占拠する: senkyosuru: occupy
不法占拠: huhousenkyo: illegal occupation <<< 不法
check also: 占領


pronunciation: senkyo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: election
選挙の: senkyono: electoral
選挙する: senkyosuru: vote, elect, choose
選挙に勝つ: senkyonikatsu: carry [win in] the election <<<
選挙に負ける: senkyonimakeru: be defeated in the election <<<
選挙区: senkyoku: election district <<<
選挙権: senkyoken: right to vote, suffrage, franchise <<<
被選挙権: hisenkyoken: eligibility <<<
選挙人: senkyonin: voter, elector <<<
選挙人団: senkyonindan: electoral college <<<
選挙運動: senkyoundou: election campaign <<< 運動
選挙演説: senkyoenzetsu: campaign speech <<< 演説
選挙違反: senkyoihan: election fraud <<< 違反
総選挙: sousenkyo: general election <<<
首長選挙: shuchousenkyo: election of the head of a local government <<< 首長
議長選挙: gichousenkyo: election of a chairman <<< 議長
公明選挙: koumeisenkyo: clean election <<< 公明
補欠選挙: hoketsusenkyo: special election, by-election <<< 補欠
一次選挙: ichijisenkyo: primary election <<< 一次
市長選挙: shichousenkyo: mayoral election <<< 市長
中間選挙: chuukansenkyo: midterm [off-year] election <<< 中間
予備選挙: yobisenkyo: primary election <<< 予備
直接選挙: chokusetsusenkyo: direct election <<< 直接
間接選挙: kansetsusenkyo: indirect election <<< 間接
大統領選挙: daitouryousenkyo: presidential election <<< 大統領
普通選挙: hutsuusenkyo: general election <<< 普通
check also: 投票


pronunciation: senmei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: technology
translation: sharpness, clearness, brightness, vividness
鮮明な: senmeina: sharp, clear, bright, vivid
鮮明を欠く: senmeiokaku: lack clearness <<<
鮮明度: senmeido: definition, distinction <<<


pronunciation: senmen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: face washing
洗面する: senmensuru: wash one's face
洗面器: senmenki: washbasin, washbowl <<<
洗面所: senmensho: lavatory, washroom, toilet (room), washing place, bathroom <<<
洗面台: senmendai: washstand <<<
洗面用具: senmennyougu: toilet articles <<< 用具
洗面タオル: senmentaoru: wash towel <<< タオル


pronunciation: senmetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: annihilation
殲滅する: senmetsusuru: annihilate, extirpate, wipe [stamp] out, mop out
殲滅戦: senmetsusen: annihilating operations <<<


pronunciation: senmon
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: specialty
専門の: senmonnno: special, technical
専門にやる: senmonnniyaru: make a specialty of, specialize [major] in
専門に扱う: senmonnniatsukau <<<
専門家: senmonka: specialist, professional, expert <<< , スペシャリスト
専門医: senmonni: medical specialist <<<
専門化: senmonka: specialization <<<
専門化する: senmonkasuru: specialize
専門店: senmonten: specialized dealer, specialty shop <<<
専門語: senmongo: technical term [terminology] <<<
専門教育: senmonkyouiku: technical [professional] education <<< 教育
専門学校: senmongakkou: professional school <<< 学校
専門分野: senmonbunnya: subject, field, specialty, speciality, professional discipline, specialist area <<< 分野
専門領域: senmonryouiki <<< 領域
専門知識: senmonchishiki: expertise <<< 知識
check also: 特技 , 専攻


pronunciation: sennetsu
kanji characters:
translation: presumption, insolence, audacity
僭越な: sennetsuna: presumptuous, insolent, audacious
僭越ながら: sennetsunagara: It is presumptuous of me to say [do] this but, take the liberty of doing sth.
check also: 高慢


pronunciation: senni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: fighting spirit, fight
戦意を失う: sennioushinau: lose one's fighting spirit <<<


pronunciation: senni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , fabric
translation: textile, fiber
繊維の無い: senninonai: fibreless <<<
繊維の多い: senninoooi: rich in fiber <<<
繊維質の: sennishitsuno: fibrous <<<
繊維状の: sennijouno: fibriform <<<
繊維素: senniso: cellulose, fibrin <<<
繊維組織: sennisoshiki: fibrous tissue <<< 組織
繊維工業: sennikougyou: textile industry <<< 工業
繊維植物: sennishokubutsu: fiber plant <<< 植物
繊維製品: senniseihin: textile goods <<< 製品
原繊維: gensenni: fibril <<<
合成繊維: gouseisenni: synthetic fiber <<< 合成
炭素繊維: tansosenni: carbon [graphite] fiber <<< 炭素
化学繊維: kagakusenni: synthetic fiber <<< 化学
ガラス繊維: garasusenni: glass fiber <<< ガラス


pronunciation: sennin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: ship
translation: crew, ship's company, crewman, seaman, sailor
船員名簿: senninmeibo: muster roll
高級船員: koukyuusennin: sea officer <<< 高級
check also: セーラー

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