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pronunciation: shibaken , shibainu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: pet
translation: shiba dog


pronunciation: shibashiba
other spells: 屡屡
keyword: time
translation: often, frequently, repeatedly, again and again, every so often
synonyms: 度々


pronunciation: shibou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: biology , food
translation: fat, grease, lard, suet
脂肪の多い: shibounoooi: fatty, greasy <<<
脂肪性の: shibouseino <<<
脂肪過多: shiboukata: obesity
脂肪太り: shiboubutori <<<
脂肪太りの: shiboubutorino: obese
脂肪が付く: shibougatsuku: put on fat <<<
脂肪分: shiboubun: fat content, fatty substance <<<
脂肪質: shiboushitsu <<< , 脂質
脂肪酸: shibousan: fatty acid <<<
脂肪組織: shibousoshiki: adipose tissue <<< 組織
check also: 蛋白 , 澱粉


pronunciation: shibou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: wish (n.), desire, aspiration
志望する: shibousuru: wish (v.), desire, aspire to
志望者: shibousha: applicant (for), candidate (for) <<<
志望校: shiboukou: school of one's choice <<<
志望学科: shibougakka: desired course <<< 学科
check also: 志願


pronunciation: shibou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: death
死亡する: shibousuru: die, decease
死亡者: shibousha: dead (person) <<<
死亡者名簿: shiboushameibo: obituary column, death list
死亡率: shibouritsu: death rate <<<
死亡数: shibousuu: death toll, number of deaths, fatalities <<<
死亡届: shiboutodoke: death notice [report], notice of death <<<
死亡欄: shibouran: obituary notice <<<
死亡記事: shiboukiji <<< 記事
死亡広告: shiboukoukoku: announcement of death <<< 広告
死亡通知: shiboutsuuchi <<< 通知
死亡統計: shiboutoukei: statistics of mortality <<< 統計
死亡証明: shiboushoumei: death certificate <<< 証明
死亡診断書: shiboushindansho
事故死亡: jikoshibou: accidental death <<< 事故
synonyms: 物故


pronunciation: shibu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: branch office, local chapter
支部長: shibuchou: manager of a branch office <<<
check also: 支店


pronunciation: shibuki
kanji characters:
keyword: sea
translation: spray (n.)
飛沫を飛ばす: shibukiotobasu: spray (v.), splash <<<
飛沫を上げる: shibukioageru: splash, send up spray <<<
飛沫を浴びる: shibukioabiru: be sprayed [splashed] (with water) <<<
check also: スプレー


pronunciation: shibumi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: astringent taste, refined simplicity


pronunciation: shibun , yonhun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mathematics
translation: four minutes, quarter (n.)
四分する: shibunsuru: divide (a thing) in four, quarter (v.)
四分の一: shibunnnoichi, yonbunnnoichi: one fourth, a quarter <<<
四分円: shibunnen: quadrant <<<
四分儀: shibungi <<<
四分五裂する: shibungoretsusuru: be disrupted, be torn (up), be split
四分音符: shibunonpu: crotchet, quarter note <<< 音符
四分休符: shibunkyuuhu: crotchet rest, quarter rest


pronunciation: shibutsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: personal belongings (effects), one's private (own) thing (property)

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