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pronunciation: shikata
kanji characters: ,
translation: method, way, how to do, means
仕方無く: shikatanaku: be obliged [forced, compelled] <<<
仕方無い: shikatanai: It cannot be helped, There is no other choice, Hard luck!
check also: 方法 , 手段


pronunciation: shike
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather , sea
translation: stormy weather (at sea), poor catch (of fishes), business depression
時化る: shikeru: become stormy, rage (of sea), be depressed, be dull


pronunciation: shikei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: death penalty, capital punishment
死刑の: shikeino: capital (punishment)
死刑にする: shikeinisuru: execute
死刑囚: shikeishuu: condemned (to death) <<<
死刑台: shikeidai: scaffold <<<
死刑台に上る: shikeidaininoboru: ascend the scaffold <<<
死刑執行: shikeishikkou: execution <<< 執行
死刑執行人: shikeishikkounin: hangman, executioner, headsman <<<
死刑宣言: shikeisengen: death sentence <<< 宣言
死刑廃止: shikeihaishi: abolition of capital punishment <<< 廃止
check also: 処刑


pronunciation: shiken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: education , technology
translation: examination, test (n.), experiment (n.), trial
試験する: shikensuru: examine, test (v.), experiment (v.), try
試験を行う: shikennookonau <<<
試験を受ける: shikennoukeru: take [sit for, go in for] an examination <<<
試験に受かる: shikennniukaru: pass an examination
試験に落ちる: shikennniochiru: fail in an examination <<<
試験的に: shikentekini: experimentally, tentatively <<<
試験管: shikenkan: test tube <<<
試験管ペビー: shikenkanbebii: test-tube baby
試験紙: shikenshi: test paper <<<
試験台: shikendai: test-bed <<<
試験官: shikenkan: examiner <<<
試験場: shikenjou: examination room [hall] <<<
試験問題: shikenmondai: question (for examination) <<< 問題
試験科目: shikenkamoku: subject for examination <<< 科目
試験飛行: shikenhikou: test flight <<< 飛行
国家試験: kokkashiken: national examination <<< 国家
発射試験: hasshashiken: launching test <<< 発射
張力試験: chouryokushiken: tension test <<< 張力
競争試験: kyousoushiken: competitive examination <<< 競争
学年試験: gakunenshiken: annual [final] examination <<< 学年
一次試験: ichijishiken: primary examination <<< 一次
水圧試験: suiatsushiken: hydraulic test <<< 水圧
筆記試験: hikkishiken: written examination <<< 筆記
学科試験: gakkashiken: examination in subjects of study, achievement test <<< 学科
入学試験: nyuugakushiken: entrance examination <<< 入学
入社試験: nyuushashiken: entrance examination (to a company), personal interview <<< 入社
就職試験: shuushokushiken: employment examination <<< 就職
面接試験: mensetsushiken: oral test, personal interview <<< 面接
人物試験: jinbutsushiken: character test <<< 人物
中間試験: chuukanshiken: midterm examination <<< 中間
圧力試験: atsuryokushiken: pressure test <<< 圧力
予備試験: yobishiken: preliminary examination <<< 予備
進級試験: shinkyuushiken: examination for promotion <<< 進級
期末試験: kimatsushiken: term-end examination <<< 期末
後期試験: koukishiken: second semester examination <<< 後期
採用試験: saiyoushiken: examination for service <<< 採用
前期試験: zenkishiken: first semester examination <<< 前期
二次試験: nijishiken: second [final] examination, reexamination, retesting <<< 二次
卒業試験: sotsugyoushiken: graduation examination <<< 卒業
センター試験: sentaashiken: common university entrance examination <<< センター
check also: 受験 , テスト


pronunciation: shiketsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: haemostasis, hemostatis, arrest of bleeding
止血する: shiketsusuru: stop bleeding
止血剤: shiketsuzai: hemostatic <<<
止血帯: shiketsutai: tourniquet <<<
check also: 出血


pronunciation: shiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , music
translation: command (n.), order (n.), direction
指揮する: shikisuru: command (v.), order (v.), lead, direct
指揮を受ける: shikioukeru: be under a person's command, take orders from <<<
指揮棒: shikibou: baton <<<
指揮台: shikidai: podium, platform <<<
指揮官: shikikan: commander, commanding officer <<<
指揮権: shikiken: right of command <<<
指揮者: shikisha: director, leader, commander <<<
指揮系統: shikikeitou: chain of command <<< 系統
軍隊指揮: guntaishiki: military commandment [command] <<< 軍隊


pronunciation: shiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar , nature
translation: four seasons
四季を通じて: shikiotsuujite: at (through) all seasons, all the year round, throughout the year <<<
check also: 季節


pronunciation: shikichi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: realty
translation: site, ground
check also: 地所 , 土地


pronunciation: shikihu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: (bed) sheet, bedspread
check also: ベッド


pronunciation: shikii
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: threshold, doorsill
敷居を跨ぐ: shikiiomatagu: cross the threshold, enter a house
敷居が高い: shikiigatakai: difficult to cross the threshold [enter a house] <<<

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