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pronunciation: shikyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: urgency
至急の: shikyuuno: urgent, pressing, immediate
至急に: shikyuuni: at once, promptly, as soon as possible
至急報: shikyuuhou: urgent telegram [call], dispatch <<<
至急便: kyuubin: express delivery <<< 便
至急便で送る: shikyuubindeokuru: send by express <<<
check also: 緊急


pronunciation: shikyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: provision, payment
支給する: shikyuusuru: provide [supply] (a person) with (a thing), give, grant, allow
支給額: shikyuugaku: amount supplied, allowance <<<
支給品: shikyuuhin: supplies <<<
現物支給: genbutsushikyuu: pay in product vouchers <<< 現物
check also: 供給


pronunciation: shikyuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: womb, uterus, matrix
子宮の: shikyuuno: uterine
子宮癌: shikyuugan: uterine cancer <<<
子宮炎: shikyuuen: metritis <<<
子宮出血: shikyuushukketsu: metrorrhagia <<< 出血
子宮切開: shikyuusekkai: hysterotomy
子宮切除: shikyuusetsujo: hysterectomy
子宮外妊娠: shikyuugaininshin: extra-uterine pregnancy
check also: 卵巣


pronunciation: shimaguni
kanji characters: ,
keyword: geography
translation: island country [empire, kingdom]
島国の: shimagunino: insular
島国根性: shimagunikonjou: insular spirit, insularism <<< 根性


pronunciation: shimai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: sisters
姉妹の様な: shimainoyouna: sisterly <<<
姉妹艦: shimaikan: sister ship <<<
姉妹船: shimaisen <<<
姉妹校: shimaikou: sister school <<<
姉妹編: shimaihen: companion volume <<<
姉妹会社: shimaigaisha: sister [affiliated] company <<< 会社
姉妹都市: shimaitoshi: sister city <<< 都市
三姉妹: sanshimai: three sisters (a Japanese TV drama) <<<
従姉妹: itoko: cousin (female) <<<
十姉妹: juushimatsu: Bengalese finch, society finch <<<
双子の姉妹: hutagonoshimai: twin sisters <<< 双子
義理の姉妹: girinoshimai: sister-in-law, stepsister <<< 義理
check also: 兄弟


pronunciation: shimai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: time
translation: the end, the close, the termination, the finish, the conclusion
仕舞の: shimaino: the last, final, closing
仕舞に: shimaini: at last, at length, in the end, finally, eventually
仕舞まで: shimaimade: to the end [last]
仕舞に成る: shimainonaru: end (v.), come to an end [a close], be finished, be sold out <<<
仕舞う: shimau: close (v.), finish, end, conclude, put an end (to), bring (a matter) to an end, put away, stow away, restore (a thing) to, lay away, store, keep
店を仕舞う: miseoshimau: close a shop <<<
仕舞込む: shimaikomu: put [tuck, sow, lock] (a thing) away <<<
手仕舞: tejimai: liquidation (of position), evening up, closing of accounts [position] <<<
金庫に仕舞う: kinkonishimau: store in a vault <<< 金庫
布団を仕舞う: hutonnoshimau: put away the bedding <<< 布団
check also:


pronunciation: shimane
kanji characters: ,
keyword: japan
translation: Shimane (prefecture)
島根県: shimaneken: Prefecture of Shimane <<<
check also: Shimane


pronunciation: shimatsu
kanji characters: ,
translation: management, disposal, settlement, result, outcome
始末する: shimatsusuru: manage, dispose of, settle
始末に負えない: shimatsunioenai: unmanageable, ungovernable, refractory, intractable, incorrigible <<<
始末が悪い: shimatsugawarui: difficult to deal with <<<
始末書: shimatsusho: written apology, account <<<
不始末: hushimatsu: carelessness, misconduct, mismanagement <<<
後始末: atoshimatsu: settlement (of an affair) <<<
check also: 処分


pronunciation: shimauma
kanji characters: ,
keyword: animal
translation: zebra


pronunciation: shimei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , crime
translation: name, full name
氏名不詳: shimeihushou: unidentified
氏名点呼: shimeitenko: roll call
check also: 名前

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