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pronunciation: shinbun
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: newspaper, press, journal
新聞に出る: shinbunnnideru: appear in the paper <<<
新聞に載せる: shinbunnninoseru: carry in the paper <<<
新聞社: shinpunsha: newspaper company <<<
新聞屋: shinbunnya: news vendor <<<
新聞種: shinbundane: news matter [item] <<<
新聞界: shinbunkai: newspaperdom, newspaper world <<<
新聞紙: shinbungami: newsprint <<<
新聞を発行する: shinbunnohakkousuru: publish a newspaper <<< 発行
新聞を編集する: shinbunnohenshuusuru: edit a newspaper <<< 編集
新聞記事: shinpunkiji: report, article <<< 記事
新聞記者: shinpunkisha: reporter, journalist <<< 記者
新聞配達: shinpunhaitatsu: paper round <<< 配達
新聞広告: shinpunkoukoku: newspaper advertisement <<< 広告
新聞切抜: shinbunkirinuki: newspaper clippings [cuttings]
新聞売場: shinbunnuriba: newsstand <<< 売場
週刊新聞: shuukanshinbun: weekly journal <<< 週刊
毎日新聞: mainichishinbun: Mainichi Shimbun (a Japanese newspaper) <<< 毎日
日経新聞: nikkeishinbun <<< 日経
学校新聞: gakkoushinbun: school paper <<< 学校
悪徳新聞: akutokushinbun: yellow paper, gossip newspaper <<< 悪徳
朝日新聞: asahishinbun: Asahi Shimbun (a Japanese newspaper) <<< 朝日
地方新聞: chihoushinbun: local newspaper <<< 地方
業界新聞: gyoukaishinbun: trade journal <<< 業界
ローカル新聞: rookarushinbun: local newspaper <<< ローカル


pronunciation: shinchaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: new arrival
新着の: shinchakuno: newly arrived
新着品: shinchakuhin: newly arrived article <<<


pronunciation: shinchiku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: construction
translation: new build [building, construction]
新築の: shinchikuno: newly-built, new-built
新築する: shinchikusuru: build [construct] (a new house), have (a new house) build
新築祝い: shinchikuiwai: ceremony of inauguration, inaugural ceremony <<<


pronunciation: shinchoku
kanji characters: ,
translation: progress (n.), advance
進捗する: shinchokusuru: make progress, advance (in a task)
進捗中: shinchokuchuu: under way, in progress <<<
synonyms: 進歩


pronunciation: shinchou
kanji characters: ,
translation: carefulness, prudence, precaution
慎重な: shinchouna: careful, prudent
慎重に: shinchouni: carefully
慎重を欠く: shinchouokaku: be careless [incautious, imprudent] <<<
慎重な態度を取る: shinchounataidootoru: take a prudent attitude (in)
synonyms: 細心 , 用心


pronunciation: shinchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: body
translation: (body) height
身長が高い: shinchougatakai: be tall <<<
身長が低い: shinchougahikui: be short <<<
身長を測る: shinchouohakaru: measure a person's height <<<
antonyms: 体重


pronunciation: shinchuu
kanji characters:
keyword: material
translation: brass (n.)
真鍮の: shinchuuno: brass (a.), brassy, brazen
真鍮製: shinchuusei <<<
真鍮細工: shinchuuzaiku: brasswork <<< 細工
真鍮ボタン: shinchuubotan: brass button <<< ボタン


pronunciation: shindai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: furniture
translation: bed, bedstead, couch, berth
寝台掛け: shindaigake: bedspread, bed cover <<<
寝台券: shindaiken: berth ticket <<<
寝台車: shindaisha: sleeping car, carriage <<<
寝台料金: shindairyoukin: berth charge <<< 料金
synonyms: ベッド


pronunciation: shindan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: diagnosis, diagnostic
診断する: shindansuru: make a diagnosis, diagnose
診断を下す: shindannokudasu <<<
診断を誤る: shindannoayamaru: err in one's diagnosis <<<
診断書: shindansho: diagnosis, medical certificate <<<
健康診断: kenkoushindan: medical checkup <<< 健康
synonyms: 診察


pronunciation: shindo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster , unit
translation: seismic intensity
震度計: shindokei: seismograph <<<
check also: 地震 , マグニチュード

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