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pronunciation: shinryaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: invasion, aggression
侵略する: shinryakusuru: invade
侵略的: shinryakuteki: aggressive <<<
侵略者: shinryakusha: invader, aggressor <<<
侵略軍: shinryakugun: invading army <<<
侵略国: shinryakukoku: aggressor nation [country] <<<
侵略主義: shinryakushugi: aggressive policy <<< 主義
侵略戦争: shinryakusensou: war of aggression <<< 戦争
領土侵略: ryoudoshinryaku: invasion of a territory <<< 領土
synonyms: 侵害 , 襲来


pronunciation: shinryoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: fresh green, verdure
新緑の頃: shinryokunokoro: season of fresh verdure <<<
check also: 青葉


pronunciation: shinryou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: medical treatment
診療する: shinryousuru: treat (medically)
診療を受ける: shinryououkeru: be treated <<<
診療所: shinryousho, shinryoujo: clinic, dispensary <<< , クリニック
診療時間: shinryoujikan: consultation hours <<< 時間
外来診療: gairaishinryou: outpatient clinic, ambulatory <<< 外来
check also: 診察


pronunciation: shinsa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: judgment, audit (n.), examination
審査する: shinsasuru: examine, judge (v.), audit (v.)
審査員: shinsain: judge, examiner <<<
審査委員: shinsaiin <<< 委員
審査委員会: shinsaiinkai: inquiry counsel <<<
審査会: shinsakai
資格審査: shikakushinsa: examination of qualification <<< 資格
入国審査: nyuukokushinsa: control of the entry <<< 入国
給与審査: kyuuyoshinsa: salary review <<< 給与
check also: 審理


pronunciation: shinsai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disaster
translation: earthquake disaster
震災に遭う: shinsainiau: suffer from earthquake <<<
震災地: shinsaichi: earthquake stricken district <<<
大震災: daishinsai: great earthquake disaster <<<
check also: 地震


pronunciation: shinsaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: new (piece of) work


pronunciation: shinsatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: medical examination
診察する: shinsatsusuru: examine a patient
診察を受ける: shinsatsuoukeru: be examined <<<
診察室: shinsatsushitsu: consultation [consulting] room <<<
診察料: shinsatsuryou: doctor's fee, fee for a medical examination <<<
診察日: shinsatsubi: consultation [consulting] day <<<
診察時間: shinsatsujikan: consultation [consulting] hours <<< 時間
外来診察: gairaishinsatsu: outpatient clinic, ambulatory <<< 外来
患者を診察する: kanjaoshinsatsusuru: examine a patient <<< 患者
check also: 診療 , 診断


pronunciation: shinsei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianism
translation: sacredness, sanctity
神聖な: shinseina: holy, sacred, divine
神聖にする: shinseinisuru: make holy, consecrate, sanctify
神聖を汚す: shinseiokegasu: defile [violate] the sanctity (of), profane <<<
神聖を冒す: shinseiookasu <<<
神聖ローマ帝国: shinseiroomateikoku: Holy Roman Empire


pronunciation: shinsei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: application, petition, motion
申請する: shinseisuru: apply, make an application
申請書: shinseisho: application form <<<
申請人: shinseinin: applicant, petitioner <<<
特許を申請する: tokkyooshinseisuru: apply for a patent <<< 特許
check also: 申込


pronunciation: shinseidai
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: prehistory
translation: Cenozoic (era)
新生代の: shinseidaino: Cenozoic (a.)
check also: 古生代 , 中生代

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