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pronunciation: shintou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: permeation, infiltration
浸透する: shintousuru: permeate, spread itself, penetrate [infiltrate] (into)
浸透圧: shintouatsu: osmotic pressure <<<
浸透性: shintousei: osmosis, permeability <<<
浸透性の有る: shintouseinoaru: permeable, osmotic <<<
浸透率: shintouritsu: penetration rate <<<
浸透作戦: shintousakusen: infiltration operations <<< 作戦
浸透作用: shintousayou: osmotic action <<< 作用


pronunciation: shintou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion
translation: Shinto, Shintoism
神道の: shintouno: Shintoist (a.)
神道家: shintouka: Shintoist (n.) <<<
神道信者: shintoushinja <<< 信者
check also: Shinto


pronunciation: shintsuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: mental suffering, anxiety, concern
synonyms: 心配


pronunciation: shinwa
kanji characters: ,
keyword: legend
translation: myth, mythology
神話の: shinwano: mythological
神話学: shinwagaku: mythology <<<
神話学者: shinwagakusha: mythologist <<< 学者
神話時代: shinwajidai: mythological [fabulous] age <<< 時代
ギリシャ神話: girishashinwa: Greek mythology <<< ギリシャ
synonyms: 伝説


pronunciation: shinzen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: friendship (n.), amity, goodwill
親善の: shinzennno: friendship (a.), goodwill
親善訪問: shinzenhoumon: goodwill visit <<< 訪問
親善使節: shinzenshisetsu: goodwill envoi <<< 使節
親善飛行: shinzenhikou: goodwill [friendship] flight <<< 飛行
synonyms: 友好


pronunciation: shinzoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: relatives
親族会議: shinzokukaigi: family council <<< 会議
親族関係: shinzokukankei: relationship, kinship <<< 関係
親族結婚: shinzokukekkon: intermarriage <<< 結婚
synonyms: 親戚 , 親類 , 眷属


pronunciation: shinzou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: heart (n.)
心臓の: shinzouno: heart (a.), cardiac
心臓が強い: shinzougatsuyoi: bold, impudent, brazenfaced <<<
心臓が弱い: shinzougayowai: timid, shy, faint-hearted <<<
心臓部: shinzoubu: heart, core, vital part <<<
心臓炎: shinzouen: carditis <<<
心臓弁: shinzouben: heart [cardiac] valve <<<
心臓病: shinzoubyou: heart disease <<<
心臓病学: shinzoubyougaku: cardiology <<<
心臓麻痺: shinzoumahi: heart attack <<< 麻痺
心臓発作: shinzouhossa <<< 発作
心臓停止: shinzouteishi: cardiac arrest <<< 停止
心臓移植: shinzouishoku: heart transplantation <<< 移植
心臓外科: shinzougeka: heart surgery, cardiosurgery <<< 外科
心臓肥大: shinzouhidai: dilatation of the heart <<< 肥大
心臓マッサージ: shinzoumassaaji: heart [cardiac] massage <<< マッサージ
人工心臓: jinkoushinzou: artificial heart <<< 人工


pronunciation: shiokaze
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: salt breeze, see breeze


pronunciation: shioki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: justice
translation: punishment, execution
仕置する: shiokisuru: punish, execute
仕置場: shiokiba: place of execution <<<
御仕置: oshioki: scolding <<<


pronunciation: shiomizu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sea
translation: salt water, brine
check also: 海水

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