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pronunciation: shisatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law , travel
translation: inspection, visitation
視察する: shisatsusuru: inspect
視察員: shisatsuin: inspector <<<
視察団: shisatsudan: inspecting party <<<
視察旅行: shisatsuryokou: inspection tour, observation trip <<< 旅行
海外視察: kaigaishisatsu: tour of inspection abroad <<< 海外


pronunciation: shisei
kanji characters: 姿 ,
keyword: body
translation: posture, pose, carriage, attitude
姿勢が好い: shiseigaii: have a fine posture <<<
姿勢が悪い: shiseigawarui: have a poor posture <<<
姿勢を正す: shiseiotadasu: straighten oneself, correct one's carriage <<<
高姿勢: koushisei: haughty [high-handed] attitude <<<
高姿勢を取る: koushiseiotoru: act high-handedly, take a high-handed policy <<<
低姿勢: teishisei: humble [meek] attitude <<<
低姿勢を取る: teishiseiotoru: take a humble [meek] attitude, behave oneself humbly <<<
不動の姿勢: hudounoshisei: position at attention <<< 不動


pronunciation: shisen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: transport
translation: branch line
支線道路: shisendouro: feeder highway [road] <<< 道路
check also: 本線


pronunciation: shisen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: death line
死線を越える: shisennokoeru: cross the threshold of death [the death line], survive a life-or-death crisis <<<


pronunciation: shisetsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: industry , education
translation: institution, establishment, facility, installation
施設する: shisetsusuru: establish, install, build
福祉施設: hukushishisetsu: public welfare office <<< 福祉
工場施設: koujoushisetsu: industrial equipment <<< 工場
宿泊施設: shukuhakushisetsu: accommodations <<< 宿泊
養護施設: yougoshisetsu: nursing institution <<< 養護
観光施設: kankoushisetsu: tourist facilities <<< 観光
医療施設: iryoushisetsu: medical facilities <<< 医療
防空施設: boukuushisetsu: anti-air-raid establishments <<< 防空
娯楽施設: gorakushisetsu: facilities for recreation <<< 娯楽
公共施設: koukyoushisetsu: public institution <<< 公共
衛生施設: eiseishisetsu: sanitary facilities <<< 衛生
check also: 設備


pronunciation: shisetsu
kanji characters: 使 ,
keyword: politics
translation: envoy, mission
使節団: shisetsudan: mission <<<
使節として行く: shisetsutoshiteiku: go on a mission <<<
外交使節: gaikoushisetsu: diplomatic mission <<< 外交
親善使節: shinzenshisetsu: goodwill envoi <<< 親善


pronunciation: shisha
kanji characters: 使 ,
keyword: history
translation: messenger, envoy
使者を遣わす: shishaotsukawasu: send a messenger <<<
使者を立てる: shishaotateru <<<


pronunciation: shisha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: branch office, affiliate
check also: 支店


pronunciation: shisha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: death
translation: dead, deceased


pronunciation: shishaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: viscount
子爵領: shishakuryou: viscounty <<<
子爵夫人: shishakuhujin: viscountess <<< 夫人
check also: 公爵 , 伯爵 , 侯爵 , 男爵

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