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pronunciation: shotou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: beginning, outset
初頭に: shotouni: at the beginning [outset]


pronunciation: shotou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: calendar
translation: early winter, the beginning of winter
初冬に: shotouni: early in winter


pronunciation: shoubai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: trade, business, commerce
商売をする: shoubaiosuru: do [conduct] business, trade [deal] (in)
商売を始める: shoubaiohajimeru: open a shop, go into [start in] business <<<
商売を止める: shoubaioyameru: give up one's business, be out of business <<<
商売を継ぐ: shoubaiotsugu: succeed a person in business <<<
商売に成る: shoubaininaru: pay, be a paying business <<<
商売に成らない: shoubaininaranai: do not pay, be not a paying business
商売を替える: shoubaiokaeru: change one's trade <<<
商売敵: shoubaigataki: trade rival <<<
商売柄: shoubaigara: professionally, because of one's profession <<<
商売気: shoubaigi: business turn, commercial spirit <<<
商売気が有る: shoubaigigaaru: be of a business turn, have a commercial spirit <<<
商売が上手い: shoubaigaumai <<< 上手
商売人: shoubainin: merchant, tradesman, professional <<< , 商人
商売が繁盛する: shoubaigahanjousuru: do good business [trade], do very well in business <<< 繁盛
商売道具: shoubaidougu: requisites for a trade, stock in trade, one's kit <<< 道具
check also: 商業 , ビジネス


pronunciation: shouben
kanji characters: , 便
keyword: hygiene
translation: urine, water, piss
小便する: shoubensuru: urinate, make water
小便が近い: shoubengachikai: pass water frequently <<<
小便が濁る: shoubenganigoru: One's urine is thick <<<
小便所: shoubenjo: urinal <<<
寝小便: neshouben: bed wetting <<<
寝小便をする: neshoubennosuru: wet the bed (at night)
check also: 尿 , 大便


pronunciation: shoubou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: fire fighting
消防署: shoubousho: fire station <<<
消防車: shoubousha: fire engine <<<
消防士: shouboushi: fireman <<<
消防者: shoubousha <<<
消防夫: shoubouhu <<<
消防隊: shouboutai: fire brigade [company] <<<
消防艇: shouboutei: fireboat <<<
消防服: shoubouhuku: fireproof suit <<<
消防梯子: shoubouhashigo: fire ladder, extension ladder <<< 梯子
消防設備: shoubousetsubi: fire extinguishing unit <<< 設備
消防ホース: shoubouhoosu: fire hose <<< ホース
消防ポンプ: shoubouponpu: fire pump <<< ポンプ
synonyms: 消火


pronunciation: shoubu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: victory or defeat, match, contest, game, bout
勝負する: shoubusuru: have a match [game, bout] (with), contest, fight, try a fall
勝負に勝つ: shoubunikatsu: win a game <<<
勝負に負ける: shoubunimakeru: lose a game <<<
勝負有り: shoubuari: The game is up, Game! <<<
勝負有った: shoubuatta
勝負無し: shoubunashi: draw, tie, standoff <<<
勝負を付ける: shoubuotsukeru: flight to the finish, settle the day <<<
勝負を決する: shoubuokessuru <<<
勝負事: shoubugoto: game of skill, game of chance, gambling <<<
勝負師: shoubushi: crack player, gambler <<<
一発勝負: ippatsushoubu: one-shot match <<< 一発
一番勝負: ichibanshoubu: one-game contest <<< 一番
三番勝負: sanbanshoubu: three-game match, rubber <<< 三番
真剣勝負: shinkenshoubu: combat with real swords, serious combat <<< 真剣
真剣勝負をする: shinkenshoubuosuru: fight with real swords <<< 真剣
check also: 試合 , マッチ , ギャンブル


pronunciation: shouchi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: law
translation: consent, agreement, compliance, knowledge
承知する: shouchisuru: consent, agree (to), comply with (a person's request), know, be aware [conscious] of, understand, permit, allow, forgive
承知させる: shouchisaseru: persuade [prevail upon] a person (to do)
承知の上で: shouchinouede: advisedly, with full knowledge of the facts <<<
百も承知: hyakumoshouchi: be well aware of [that] <<<
synonyms: 同意 , 了承 , 存知


pronunciation: shouchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics , art
translation: symbol, icon
象徴の: shouchouno: symbolic, iconic
象徴的: shouchouteki <<<
象徴する: shouchousuru: symbolize
象徴化する: shouchoukasuru <<<
象徴派: shouchouha: symbolist school <<<
象徴主義: shouchoushugi: symbolism <<< 主義
象徴主義者: shouchoushugisha: symbolist <<<


pronunciation: shouchou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: organs
translation: small intestine


pronunciation: shouchuu
kanji characters:
keyword: drink
translation: (cheap) spirit, liquor
check also:

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