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pronunciation: shouhi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: economy
translation: consumption
消費する: shouhisuru: consume
消費額: shouhigaku: amount of consumption <<<
消費税: shouhizei: sales tax, vat <<<
消費財: shouhizai: consumers' goods <<<
消費者: shouhisha: consumer, buyer <<<
消費者価格: shouhishakakaku: consumers' price <<< 価格
消費者金融: shouhishakinnyuu: consumer credit <<< 金融
消費組合: shouhikumiai: co-operative society <<< 組合
消費社会: shouhishakai: consumer society <<< 社会
消費経済: shouhikeizai: consumption economy <<< 経済
国内消費: kokunaishouhi: home consumption <<< 国内
自家消費: jikashouhi: home consumption <<< 自家
synonyms: 消耗


pronunciation: shouhin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: merchandize, goods, commodity
商品券: shouhinken: gift coupon, exchange ticket <<< , クーポン
商品名: shouhinmei: trade name <<<
商品見本: shouhinmihon: trade sample <<< 見本
商品目録: shouhinmokuroku: general catalogue
商品在高: shouhinzaidaka: amount of stock
商品在高帖: shouhinzaidakachou: stock book
商品陳列室: shouhinchinretsushitsu: show room
商品陳列窓: shouhinchinretsumado: show windows
商品仕入: shouhinshiire: goods input, stock receipt <<< 仕入
商品仕入帳: shouhinshiirechou: purchase book <<<
商品取引所: shouhintorihikijo: commodity exchange
目玉商品: medamashouhin: feature, loss leader <<< 目玉
在庫商品: zaikoshouhin: stocks, goods in stock <<< 在庫
金融商品: kinnyuushouhin: financial products <<< 金融
重要商品: juuyoushouhin: important goods <<< 重要
キャラクター商品: kyarakutaashouhin: character goods <<< キャラクター
アイデア商品: aideashouhin: clever [ingenious, shrewd] product <<< アイデア
ヒット商品: hittoshouhin: hit product <<< ヒット
ブランド商品: burandoshouhin: brand-name goods <<< ブランド
check also: 製品 , 品物


pronunciation: shouhu
kanji characters:
keyword: sex
translation: whore, prostitute
check also: 売春 , 売女


pronunciation: shouhyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: advertisement
translation: trademark, brand, mark
商標名: shouhyoumei: trade name, proprietary name <<<
商標法: shouhyouhou: trademark law <<<
商標登録: shouhyoutouroku: registration of trademark <<< 登録
登録商標: tourokushouhyou: registered trade-mark <<< 登録
check also: マーク


pronunciation: shoui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: military rank
translation: second lieutenant
check also: 大尉 , 中尉


pronunciation: shouji
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: shoji, paper screen [sliding-door]
障子紙: shoujigami: sliding-door paper <<<


pronunciation: shoujiki
kanji characters: ,
translation: honesty, uprightness
正直な: shoujikina: honest, upright, square, straightforward
正直に: shoujikini: honestly, frankly
正直な話: shoujikinahanashi: to tell the truth, to be frank [honest] with you <<<
正直に言えば: shoujikiniieba <<<
正直な所: shoujikinatokoro <<<
正直者: shoujimono: honest person <<<
正直な人: shoujikinahito <<<
馬鹿正直な: bakashoujikina: foolishly honest <<< 馬鹿


pronunciation: shoujin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: buddhism
translation: devotion (to), close application (to), abstinence from animal food, religious purification
精進する: shoujinsuru: devote [apply] oneself to, abstain from fish and flesh
精進日: shoujinbi: day of abstinence <<<
精進揚: shoujinnage: fried vegetables <<<
精進料理: shoujinryouri: vegetable [meatless] diet <<< 料理


pronunciation: shoujo
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family , life
translation: girl, young girl
少女の様な: shoujonoyouna: girlish <<<
少女らしい: shoujorashii
少女小説: shoujoshousetsu: story of girls <<< 小説
少女時代: shoujojidai: girlhood <<< 時代
少女歌劇: shoujokageki: girls' opera
美少女: bishoujo: pretty girl <<<
不良少女: huryoushoujo: delinquent girl <<< 不良
可憐な少女: karennnashoujo: pretty girl <<< 可憐
check also: , 少年


pronunciation: shoujou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: condition of a disease [a patient], symptoms
症状を呈する: shoujouoteisuru: show symptoms of <<<
症状群: shoujougun: syndrome <<<
幻覚症状: genkakushoujou: hallucination (symptoms) <<< 幻覚
脱水症状: dassuishoujou: dehydration symptoms <<< 脱水
禁断症状: kindanshoujou: abstinence syndrome <<< 禁断
check also: 症候

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