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pronunciation: tanshin
kanji characters: ,
keyword: mechanics
translation: short [hour] hand (of clock)
check also: 長針


pronunciation: tansho
kanji characters: ,
translation: weak point, shortcoming, fault
短所を補う: tanshoooginau: make up for a defect <<<
短所を直す: tanshoonaosu: remedy a defect <<<
長所短所: choushotansho: merits and demerits, strong and weak points <<< 長所
antonyms: 長所


pronunciation: tanshuku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: shortening, curtailment, reduction
短縮する: tanshukusuru: shorten, curtail, reduce
操業短縮: sougyoutanshuku: short-time operation <<< 操業


pronunciation: tanso
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry , material
translation: carbon
炭素の: tansono: carbonic
炭素を除く: tansoonozoku: decarbonize <<<
炭素と化合させる: tansotokagousaseru: carbonize <<< 化合
炭素棒: tansobou: carbon rod <<<
炭素繊維: tansosenni: carbon [graphite] fiber <<< 繊維
炭素化合物: tansokagoubutsu: carbon compound


pronunciation: tansu
other spells: タンス
keyword: furniture
translation: chest of drawers, cabinet
箪笥の引出し: tansunohikidashi: drawer <<< 引出
箪笥貯金: tansuchokin: hoarded money <<< 貯金
整理箪笥: seiridansu: commode <<< 整理
洋服箪笥: youhukudansu: wardrobe <<< 洋服
ベビー箪笥: bebiidansu: small-sized commode <<< ベビー
check also: クローゼット


pronunciation: tansui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: nature
translation: fresh water
淡水魚: tansuigyo: freshwater fish <<<
淡水湖: tansuiko: fresh-water lake <<<
check also: 海水 , 真水


pronunciation: tansuikabutsu
kanji characters: , , ,
keyword: biology , chemistry
translation: carbohydrate
check also: 澱粉


pronunciation: tansuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: grammar
translation: singular (n.)
単数の: tansuuno: singular (a.)
単数形: tansuukei: singular form <<<
単数名詞: tansuumeishi: singular noun <<< 名詞
check also: 複数


pronunciation: tantei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: security
translation: detective, criminal agent, sleuth, plainclothesman
探偵する: tanteisuru: investigate [inquire into] (a matter) secretly, spy (upon a person)
探偵犬: tanteiken: police [cop] dog <<<
探偵小説: tanteishousetsu: detective story <<< 小説
名探偵: meitantei: famous detective <<<
名探偵コナン: meitanteikonan: Case Closed (a Japanese manga, 1994-) <<< コナン
秘密探偵: himitsutantei: secret agent <<< 秘密
私立探偵: shiritsutantei: private detective <<< 私立
check also: スパイ


pronunciation: tantou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job
translation: charge
担当する: tantousuru: take care of, be in charge of
担当者: tantousha: person in charge <<<
担当事務: tantoujimu: business under one's charge <<< 事務
担当責任者: tantousekininsha: responsible person in charge of (the affairs)
check also: 担任

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