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pronunciation: tanzaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: fest
translation: narrow (fancy) paper tablet, strip of paper
短冊に切る: tanzakunikiru: slice thinly <<<


pronunciation: tarako
kanji characters: ,
other spells: タラコ
keyword: fish
translation: cod roe


pronunciation: tarou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: name
translation: eldest [oldest] son (anc.)
桃太郎: momotarou: Peach Boy (a Japanese fairy tale) <<<
金太郎: kintarou: Golden Boy (a Japanese fairy tale) <<<
check also: 長男


pronunciation: taryou
kanji characters: ,
translation: a large quantity, a great deal [lot], plenty, abundance
多量の: taryouno: a large quantity of, a great deal [lot] of, plenty of, plentiful, abundant
多量に: taryouni: (so) much, plentifully, abundantly, in abundance, in great quantities, a great deal
check also: 大量


pronunciation: tasai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: color
translation: polychromatism, variegation
多彩な: tasaina: colorful, variegated
多彩な経歴: tasainakeireki: colorful career <<< 経歴


pronunciation: tasai
kanji characters: ,
translation: versatility, varied talents
多才な: tasaina: versatile, many-sided, resourceful
多才な人: tasainahito: man of a varied genus and talent <<<
check also: 才能


pronunciation: tasha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: other companies [enterprises]
他社製品: tashaseihin: article [product] of other companies [enterprises] <<< 製品
antonyms: 弊社


pronunciation: tashizan
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 足し算
keyword: mathematics
translation: addition
足算をする: tashizannosuru: add
check also: 引算 , 掛算 , 割算


pronunciation: tashou
kanji characters: ,
translation: number, quantity, amount, more or less, in some measure, to some extent, a little, somewhat, in a way
多少の: tashouno: a little of, a bit of, some
check also: , ,


pronunciation: tasogare
kanji characters:
keyword: time
translation: dusk, twilight
黄昏時: tasogaredoki <<<
黄昏時に: tasogaredokini: at dusk
神々の黄昏: kamigaminotasogare: Twilight of the Gods (Richard Wagner´s opera, 1876) <<< 神々
synonyms: 夕暮 , 宵闇
check also: 夕方

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