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pronunciation: teikoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history
translation: empire
帝国の: teikokuno: imperial
帝国主義: teikokushugi: imperialism <<< 主義
帝国主義者: teikokushugisha: imperialist <<<
帝国主義的: teikokushugiteki: imperialistic <<<
帝国政府: teikokuseihu: imperial government <<< 政府
蒙古帝国: moukoteikoku: Mongolian Empire <<< 蒙古
第三帝国: daisanteikoku: Third Reich <<< 第三
インカ帝国: inkateikoku: Incaic Empire <<< インカ
エチオピア帝国: echiopiateikoku: Ethiopian Empire, Abyssinia <<< エチオピア
ローマ帝国: roomateikoku: Roman Empire <<< ローマ
トルコ帝国: torukoteikoku: Turkish [Ottoman] Empire <<< トルコ
オーストリア帝国: oosutoriateikoku: Austrian Empire <<< オーストリア
スペイン帝国: supeinteikoku: Spanish Empire <<< スペイン
ドイツ帝国: doitsuteikoku: German empire <<< ドイツ
ロシア帝国: roshiateikoku: Russian empire <<< ロシア
check also: 王国


pronunciation: teikou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , electricity
translation: resistance, opposition
抵抗する: teikousuru: resist, oppose, fight back
抵抗し難い: teikoushigatai: irresistible <<<
抵抗力: teikouryoku: resistance, resisting power <<<
抵抗計: teikoukei: ohmmeter <<<
抵抗器: teikouki: resistor <<<
抵抗感: teikoukan: hesitation <<<
抵抗運動: teikouundou: resistance movement <<< 運動
起動抵抗: kidouteikou: starting resistor <<< 起動
必死に抵抗する: hisshiniteikousuru: resist fiercely <<< 必死
摩擦抵抗: masatsuteikou: frictional resistance <<< 摩擦
頑強な抵抗: gankyounateikou: stubborn [stiff] resistance <<< 頑強
頑強に抵抗する: gankyouniteikousuru: resist stubbornly <<< 頑強
空気抵抗: kuukiteikou: air resistance <<< 空気
check also: 反抗 , オーム , インピーダンス


pronunciation: teikyou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: offer (n.), donation
提供する: teikyousuru: offer (v.), give
提供者: teikyousha: offerer, donor <<<
提供を受ける: teikyououkeru: accept an offer <<<
提供を断る: teikyouokotowaru: decline an offer <<<
check also: 寄付


pronunciation: teinei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: greeting
translation: politeness, courtesy, civility, carefulness, minuteness, thoroughness
丁寧な: teineina: polite, courteous, civil, careful, minute, thorough
丁寧に: teineini: politely, carefully
丁寧に扱う: teineiniatsukau: treat with civility, handle carefully <<<
丁寧に調べる: teineinishiraberu: make a careful (thorough) investigation <<< 調
馬鹿丁寧な: bakateineina: exceedingly polite <<< 馬鹿


pronunciation: teinen
kanji characters: ,
keyword: job , life
translation: age limit, retiring age
定年に達する: teinennnitassuru: reach the age limit <<<
定年制: teinen: age limit system <<<


pronunciation: teion
kanji characters: ,
keyword: physics
translation: low temperature
低温殺菌: teionsakkin: pasteurisation (at a low temperature) <<< 殺菌
低温殺菌する: teionsakkinsuru: pasteurise, pasteurize
低温化学: teionkagaku: cryochemistry <<< 化学
低温工学: teionkougaku: cryoengineering <<< 工学
低温電子工学: teiondenshikougaku: cryoelectronics
check also: 高温


pronunciation: teiryuusho
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: transport
translation: stopping place, bus [tram] stop
電車停留所: denshateiryuujo: tramcar [tram] stop <<< 電車
check also:


pronunciation: teisai , taisai
kanji characters: ,
translation: appearance, show, form, style
体裁が良い: teisaigaii: be in [of] good style <<<
体裁が悪い: teisaigawarui: be in [of] bad style, feel awkward <<<
体裁の良い: teisainoii: nice-looking, decent-looking, presentable, seemly <<<
体裁の悪い: teisainowarui: unsightly, unseemly, awkward <<<
体裁を繕う: teisaiotsukurou: save [keep up] appearances <<<
体裁振る: teisaiburu: give oneself airs <<<
体裁上: teisaijou: for appearance sake <<<
check also: 外観


pronunciation: teisatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: reconnaissance, scouting
偵察する: teisatsusuru: reconnoiter, scout
偵察隊: teisatsutai: reconnoitering party <<<
偵察兵: teisatsuhei: scout, spotter <<<
偵察機: teisatsuki: recce aircraft, reconnaissance plane <<<
偵察飛行: teisatsuhikou: reconnaissance flight <<< 飛行
偵察衛星: teisatsueisei: reconnaissance satellite <<< 衛星


pronunciation: teisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: correction, revision, amendment
訂正する: teiseisuru: correct (errors), revise, amend
訂正を加える: teiseiokuwaeru: touch up, do some touching up (on) <<<
訂正版: teiseiban: revised edition <<<
check also: 修正

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