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pronunciation: teiryuusho
kanji characters: , ,
keyword: transport
translation: stopping place, bus [tram] stop
電車停留所: denshateiryuujo: tramcar [tram] stop <<< 電車
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pronunciation: teisai , taisai
kanji characters: ,
translation: appearance, show, form, style
体裁が良い: teisaigaii: be in [of] good style <<<
体裁が悪い: teisaigawarui: be in [of] bad style, feel awkward <<<
体裁の良い: teisainoii: nice-looking, decent-looking, presentable, seemly <<<
体裁の悪い: teisainowarui: unsightly, unseemly, awkward <<<
体裁を繕う: teisaiotsukurou: save [keep up] appearances <<<
体裁振る: teisaiburu: give oneself airs <<<
体裁上: teisaijou: for appearance sake <<<
check also: 外観


pronunciation: teisatsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war
translation: reconnaissance, scouting
偵察する: teisatsusuru: reconnoiter, scout
偵察隊: teisatsutai: reconnoitering party <<<
偵察兵: teisatsuhei: scout, spotter <<<
偵察機: teisatsuki: recce aircraft, reconnaissance plane <<<
偵察飛行: teisatsuhikou: reconnaissance flight <<< 飛行
偵察衛星: teisatsueisei: reconnaissance satellite <<< 衛星


pronunciation: teisei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: media
translation: correction, revision, amendment
訂正する: teiseisuru: correct (errors), revise, amend
訂正を加える: teiseiokuwaeru: touch up, do some touching up (on) <<<
訂正版: teiseiban: revised edition <<<
check also: 修正


pronunciation: teisha
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: stoppage, stop
停車する: teishasuru: stop [halt] (at), come `pull to a stop, pull up
停車させる: teishasaseru: bring to a stop
停車場: teishajou: station, depot <<< , 停留所
停車場構内: teishajoukounai: station [railway] yard <<< 構内
停車時間: teishajikan: stoppage time <<< 時間
緊急停車: kinkyuuteisha: emergency stop <<< 緊急
check also: 駐車


pronunciation: teishi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car
translation: stop (n.), halt (n.)
停止する: teishisuru: stop (vi.), halt (vi.)
停止線: teishisen: stop line <<<
停止信号: teishishingou: stop signal <<< 信号
停止価格: teishikakaku: stop price <<< 価格
急停止: kyuuteishi: abrupt stop <<<
操業停止: sougyouteishi: shutdown, stoppage <<< 操業
出港停止: shukkouteishi: embargo <<< 出港
発行停止: hakkouteishi: suspension of publication <<< 発行
一時停止: ichijiteishi: moratorium <<< 一時
心臓停止: shinzouteishi: cardiac arrest <<< 心臓
時効の停止: jikounoteishi: interruption [suspension] of prescription <<< 時効


pronunciation: teishoku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: food
translation: regular meal, set menu, plat du jour
check also: メニュー


pronunciation: teishu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: family
translation: husband, master, host, landlord
亭主持ち: teishumochi: married woman <<<
亭主役: teishuyaku: host <<<
亭主役を務める: teishuyakuotsutomeru: play the host <<<
check also: 主人


pronunciation: teishutsu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: politics
translation: submission, presentation
提出する: teishutsusuru: submit, present
提出者: teishutsusha: presenter, proposer <<<
法案を提出する: houannoteishutsusuru: introduce (bring, submit) a bill <<< 法案
論文を提出する: ronbunnoteishutsusuru: submit (present) a thesis <<< 論文
動議を提出する: dougioteishutsusuru: move [make] a motion <<< 動議


pronunciation: teisou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sex
translation: chastity, honor, virtue, faithfulness
貞操の正しい: teisounotadashii: chaste, faithful, virtuous <<<
貞操の無い: teisounonai: unchaste, unfaithful <<<
貞操を守る: teisouomamoru: preserve one's virtue, remain chaste [faithful] <<<
貞操を重んじる: teisouoomonjiru: prize one's chastity <<<
貞操を破る: teisouoyaburu: break one's chastity <<<
貞操を汚す: teisouokegasu: defile one's chastity <<<
貞操帯: teisoutai: chastity belt <<<
貞操を蹂躙する: teisouojuurinsuru: dishonor [seduce] (a woman), ruin (a girl)
貞操蹂躙: teisoujuurin: violation of chastity
check also: 処女 , 節操

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