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pronunciation: tenji
kanji characters: ,
translation: Braille points [type]
点字を読む: tenjioyomu: read Braille points <<<
点字に訳す: tenjiniyakusu: transcribe into Braille <<<
点字書: tenjisho: book in Braille (points) <<<
点字本: tenjihon <<<


pronunciation: tenjiku
kanji characters:
keyword: asia
translation: India (anc.)
天竺の: tenjikuno: Indian
天竺葵: tenjikuaoi: geranium <<< , ゼラニウム
天竺鼠: tenjikunezumi: guinea pig <<< , モルモット
天竺木綿: tenjikumomen: T-cloths <<< 木綿
天竺牡丹: denjikubotan: dahlia <<< 牡丹 , ダリア
check also: インド


pronunciation: tenjou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: ceiling
天井を張る: tenjouoharu: ceil a room, furnish with a ceiling <<<
天井裏で: tenjouurade: on the ceiling <<<
天井知らずの: tenjoushirazuno: skyrocketing <<<
天井を打つ: tenjououtsu: reach the ceiling <<<
天井窓: tenjoumado: hatch, skylight <<<
天井画: tenjouga: ceiling fresco <<<
天井価格: tenjoukakaku: ceiling price, top price <<< 価格


pronunciation: tenka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: history , war
translation: whole country, world, public
天下に: tenkani: under the sub [heaven], on earth, in the world
天下に敵なし: tenkanitekinashi: have no rival in the world <<<
天下を取る: tenkaotoru: bring the whole land under one's rule, reign over the whole land, hold the reins of government, come into power <<<
天下人: tenkanin, tenkabito: world conqueror <<< , 覇者
天下一品の: tenkaippinnno: unique, unequaled, unparalleled, peerless <<< 一品
天下無双の: tenkamusouno
天下泰平だ: tankataiheida: Peace reigns over the land
天下分け目の戦い: tenkawakemenotatakai: decisive battle
百日天下: hyakunichitenka: Hundred Days (of Napoleon) <<< 百日
三日天下: mikkatenka: short-lived reign <<< 三日
check also: 世界


pronunciation: tenka
kanji characters: ,
keyword: chemistry
translation: addition, annex (n.)
添加する: tenkasuru: add, annex (v.)
添加物: tenkabutsu: additive (substance) <<<
無添加: mutenka: without additive <<<
弗素添加: hussotenka: fluoridation <<< 弗素


pronunciation: tenkai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: war , mathematics
translation: deployment, development, evolution, progress
展開する: tenkaisuru: deploy (vi.), develop, spread out
展開させる: tenkaisaseru: deploy (vt.), develop
展開部: tenkaibu: development (of a theme) <<<
check also: 発展


pronunciation: tenkan
keyword: disease
translation: epilepsy
癲癇性の: tenkanseino: epileptic (a.) <<<
癲癇持ち: tenkanmochi: epileptic (n.) <<<
癲癇を起こす: tenkannookosu: have an epileptic fit <<<


pronunciation: tenkan
kanji characters: ,
keyword: market , technology
translation: conversion, switchover, diversion
転換する: tenkansuru: convert, change, switch over, divert (one's mind from)
転換期: tenkanki: turning point <<<
転換炉: tenkanro: converter reactor <<<
転換価格: tenkankakaku: conversion price <<< 価格
転換社債: tenkanshasai: convertible bond <<< 社債
配置転換: haichitenkan: reshuffle [redistribution] of the personnel <<< 配置
方向転換: houkoutenkan: change of direction, turn <<< 方向
方向転換する: houkoutenkansuru: change one's course <<< 方向
職場転換: shokubatenkan: (staff) turnover, transfer <<< 職場


pronunciation: tenkei
kanji characters: ,
keyword: art
translation: type, model, specimen, pattern
典型的な: tenkeitekina: typical, model, ideal <<<
美の典型: binotenkei: paragon of beauty <<<
check also: モデル


pronunciation: tenken
kanji characters: ,
keyword: car
translation: inspection, examination, roll calling
点検する: tenkensuru: examine, inspect, check, overhaul (a car), call the roll
check also: 検査 , チェック

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