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pronunciation: tenshu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: christianism
translation: God, The God Lord
天主教: tenshukyou: Roman Catholicism <<<
天主教会: tenshukyoukai: Roman Catholicism Church <<< 教会
天主教徒: tenshukyouto: a Roman Catholic <<< 教徒
check also: , カトリック


pronunciation: tensou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: communication
translation: transmission, forwarding
転送する: tensousuru: transmit, forward, send on
転送先: tensousaki: forwarding address <<<
メール転送: meerutensou: mail forward <<< メール


pronunciation: tensuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: school
translation: (number of) marks, score, points, runs, number of articles
点数を付ける: tensuuotsukeru: give (students) marks, grade, rate <<<
点数稼ぎに: tensuukasegini: in order to make a good impression <<<
点数表: tensuuhyou: scorebook, list of marks, point table <<<
check also: 得点 , スコア


pronunciation: tentai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: astronomy
translation: celestial bodies, heavenly bodies
天体の: tentaino: supernal, cosmic, celestial, spherical
天体図: tentaizu: celestial map <<<
天体儀: tentaigi: celestial globe <<<
天体力学: tentairikigaku: celestial mechanics <<< 力学
天体観測: tentaikansoku: astronomical observation <<< 観測
天体望遠鏡: tentaibouenkyou: astronomical telescope <<< 望遠鏡
天体物理学: tentaibutsurigaku: astrophysics
check also: 天文


pronunciation: tenteki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: medicine
translation: drop, raindrop, drip, infusion
点滴する: tentekisuru: instill
点滴注射: tentekichuusha: drip infusion <<< 注射


pronunciation: tentou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: shop , finance
translation: shop front, shop window
店頭に出す: tentounidasu: put (articles) on sale <<<
店頭に飾る: tentounikazaru: display (articles) in a shop window <<<
店頭に並べる: tentouninaraberu <<<
店頭価格: tentoukakaku: shop price, retail price <<< 価格
店頭市場: tentoushijou: over-the-counter market <<< 市場
店頭取引: tentoutorihiki: over-the-counter dealings <<< 取引
店頭装飾: tentousoushoku: window dressing <<< 装飾
店頭陳列: tentouchinretsu: window display


pronunciation: tentou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: insect , christianism
translation: way of Heaven, Providence
天道虫: tentoumushi: ladybird, ladybug <<<


pronunciation: tentou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: electricity
translation: lightening, ignition
点灯する: tentousuru: light (a lamp), switch [turn] on a light, ignite
点灯時間: tentoujikan: lightening hour <<< 時間
点灯装置: tentousouchi: lightening system, ignition device, igniter <<< 装置


pronunciation: tenugui
kanji characters: ,
keyword: hygiene
translation: towel, washcloth
手拭で拭く: tenuguidehuku: dry (one's hands) on a towel, dry oneself with a towel <<<
手拭を絞る: tenuguioshiboru: wring the washcloth <<<
手拭掛け: tenuguikake: towel horse [rack] <<<
手拭地: tenuguiji: toweling <<<
check also: タオル


pronunciation: teori
kanji characters: ,
keyword: clothes
translation: handweaving
手織の: teorino: hand-woven, homespun (a.)
手織物: teorimono: homespun (n.) <<<
手織木綿: teorimomen: hand-woven [homespun] cotton cloth <<< 木綿

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