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pronunciation: tesuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: trouble, pains
手数の掛かる: tesuunokakaru: troublesome <<<
手数が掛かる: tesuugakakaru: require (much) trouble, be troublesome
手数を掛ける: tesuuokakeru: trouble (a person), give (a person) trouble
手数を省く: tesuuohabuku: save (a person) trouble <<<
手数料: tesuuryou: fee, charge, percentage, commission, brokerage <<<
手数料を取る: tesuuryouotoru: take a commission <<<
手数料を納める: tesuuryouoosameru: pay a commission <<<


pronunciation: tetsuZuki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: administration
translation: procedure, proceedings, formalities, steps
手続をする: tetsuZukiosuru: take steps, bring proceedings
手続を取る: tetsuZukiotoru <<<
手続を踏む: tetsuZukiohumu <<<
手続上: tetsuZukijou: for the shake of formalities <<<
手続上の: tetsuZukijouno: procedural
手続を誤る: tetsuZukioayamaru: take wrong steps <<<
手続を怠る: tetsuZukiookotaru: neglect a formality <<<
通関手続: tsuukantetsuZuki: customs formalities, clearance <<< 通関
離婚手続: rikontetsuZuki: divorce procedure <<< 離婚
出国手続: shukkokutetsuZuki: departure formalities <<< 出国
審理手続: shinritetsuZuki: examination proceeding [formality] <<< 審理
入院手続: nyuuintetsuZuki: arrangement for entering a hospital <<< 入院
入国手続: nyuukokutetsuZuki: entry formalities <<< 入国
執行手続: shikkoutetsuZuki: execution proceedings [formalities] <<< 執行
破産手続: hasantetsuZuki: bankruptcy proceeding, insolvency proceedings <<< 破産
訴訟手続: soshoutetsuZuki: legal proceedings (against a person) <<< 訴訟
訴訟手続をする: soshoutetsuZukiosuru: take legal proceedings (against a person) <<< 訴訟
和解手続: wakaitetsuZuki: attempt to reconcile (at reconciliation) <<< 和解
裁判手続: saibantetsuZuki: legal procedure [proceedings] <<< 裁判
税関手続: zeikantetsuZuki: customs formalities <<< 税関
出港手続: shukkoutetsuZuki: clearance formalities <<< 出港
出港手続をする: shukkoutetsuZukiosuru: clear a ship (at the customs house) <<< 出港
check also: 手順


pronunciation: tetsubou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: iron bar, horizontal bar


pronunciation: tetsudai
kanji characters: ,
keyword: house
translation: help (n.), aid (n.), assist (n.), helper
手伝う: tetsudau: help (v.), aid (v.), assist (v.)
御手伝いさん: otetsudaisan: housemaid <<< , 女中
着付を手伝う: kitsukeotetsudau: help dress herself <<< 着付
check also: 援助 , ヘルパー


pronunciation: tetsudou
kanji characters: ,
keyword: train
translation: railroad, railway
鉄道を敷く: tetsudouoshiku: lay (construct, build) a railroad <<<
鉄道網: tetsudoumou: railroad network <<<
鉄道員: tetsudouin: railroad worker, railroader <<<
鉄道駅: tetsudoueki: train station <<<
鉄道輸送: tetsudouyusou: railway transportation <<< 輸送
鉄道運賃: tetsudouunchin: railway fares <<< 運賃
鉄道旅客: tetsudouryokyaku: railway passenger <<< 旅客
鉄道工事: tetsudoukouji: railway work <<< 工事
鉄道会社: tetsudougaisha: railroad company <<< 会社
鉄道事故: tetsudoujiko: railway accident <<< 事故
高速鉄道: kousokutetsudou: high-speed railroad [railway] <<< 高速
登山鉄道: tozantetsudou: mountain railway <<< 登山
市街鉄道: shigaitetsudou: street railway, tramway <<< 市街
シベリア鉄道: shiberiatetsudou: Siberian Railroad [Railway] <<< シベリア


pronunciation: tetsugaku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: science , philosophy
translation: philosophy
哲学の: tetsugakuno: philosophic, philosophical
哲学的: tetsugakuteki <<<
哲学的に: tetsugakutekini: philosophically
哲学する: tetsugakusuru: philosophize
哲学者: tetsugakusha: philosopher <<<
哲学博士: tetsugakuhakushi <<< 博士
哲学史: tetsugakushi: history of philosophy <<<
宗教哲学: shuukyoutetsugaku: philosophy of religion <<< 宗教
人生哲学: jinseitetsugaku: philosophy of life <<< 人生
批判哲学: hihantetsugaku: criticism <<< 批判
純正哲学: junseitetsugaku: metaphysics <<< 純正
ギリシャ哲学: girishatetsugaku: Greek philosophy <<< ギリシャ
インド哲学: indotetsugaku: Indian philosophy <<< インド


pronunciation: tetsuke
kanji characters: ,
keyword: accounting
translation: earnest [bargain] money, deposit, payment on account, down payment
手付金: tetsukekin <<<
手付金を払う: tetsukekinnoharau: pay earnest money, make a deposit [a down payment] <<<
手付金を打つ: tetsukekinnoutsu <<<
check also: 頭金 , 前金


pronunciation: tetsuya
kanji characters: ,
translation: night without sleep
徹夜する: tetsuyasuru: sit [stay, be] up all night, keep vigil
徹夜で: tetsuyade: all night
徹夜で仕事する: tetsuyadeshigotosuru: sit up all night working, work all night <<< 仕事


pronunciation: tettai
kanji characters: , 退
keyword: war
translation: withdrawal, evacuation
撤退する: tettaisuru: withdraw, evacuate, retreat, pull out
撤退命令: tettaimeirei: evacuation order <<< 命令
check also: 撤収 , 撤兵


pronunciation: tettei
kanji characters: ,
translation: completeness, exhaustiveness
徹底する: tetteisuru: be thorough (exhaustive), be brought (driven) home, be consistent
徹底的: tetteiteki: thorough, complete, exhaustive <<<
徹底した: tetteishita
徹底的に: tetteitekini: thoroughly, completely, exhaustively, through and through

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