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pronunciation: toppuu
kanji characters: ,
keyword: weather
translation: (sudden) gust of wind
突風に煽られる: toppuuniaorareru: be fanned by a gust <<<


pronunciation: toraneko
kanji characters: ,
keyword: pet
translation: tabby cat, tiger cat


pronunciation: torihada
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 鳥膚
keyword: health
translation: goose flesh [skin]
鳥肌が立つ: torihadagatatsu: get goose bumps, be goose pimpled (for) <<<


pronunciation: torihiki
kanji characters: ,
keyword: business
translation: transaction, business, trade, dealing
取引する: torihikisuru: trade (v.), deal
取引を結ぶ: torihikiomusubu: contract (v.), strike a bargain, settle a transaction <<<
取引を纏める: torihikiomatomeru <<<
取引が有る: torihikigaaru: have business relations <<<
取引を止める: torihikioyameru: break off one's business connection, close an account <<<
取引を続ける: torihikiotsuZukeru: keep an account, maintain business relations [relationships] <<<
取引先: torihikisaki: business connection, customer <<<
取引高: torihikidaka: turnover <<<
取引所: torihikisho: exchange (market) <<<
取引法: torihikihou: Stock Exchange Act <<<
取引関係: torihikikankei: business connection <<< 関係
取引銀行: torihikiginkou: one's bank, correspondent bank <<< 銀行
闇取引: yamitorihiki: traffic, black marketing <<<
株式取引: kabushikitorihiki: stock exchange, stock-broking <<< 株式
証券取引: shoukentorihiki: dealing in stocks, stock-broking <<< 証券
店頭取引: tentoutorihiki: over-the-counter dealings <<< 店頭
手形取引: tegatatorihiki: bill transaction <<< 手形
麻薬取引: mayakutorihiki: drug traffic <<< 麻薬
暴利取引: bouritorihiki: usurious trade <<< 暴利
為替取引: kawasetorihiki: exchange dealing <<< 為替
小切手取引: kogittetorihiki: check transactions <<< 小切手
銀行取引: ginkoutorihiki: bank transaction <<< 銀行
公正取引: kouseitorihiki: fair trade <<< 公正
一括取引: ikkatsutorihiki: package dealing <<< 一括
現物取引: genbutsutorihiki: spot trading [transaction] <<< 現物
先物取引: sakimonotorihiki: futures, forward bargain <<< 先物
長期取引: choukitorihiki: long-term transaction <<< 長期
短期取引: tankitorihiki: short-term transaction <<< 短期
穀物取引: kokumotsutorihiki: cereal trade <<< 穀物
現金取引: genkintorihiki: cash transactions <<< 現金
市場取引: shijoutorihiki: market transactions <<< 市場
実物取引: jitsubutsutorihiki: spot transaction <<< 実物
清算取引: seisantorihiki: clearing contract <<< 清算
マージン取引: maajintorihiki: margin trading <<< マージン
スワップ取引: suwapputorihiki: swap transaction <<< スワップ
オプション取引: opushontorihiki: option trade [trading, transaction] <<< オプション


pronunciation: torii
kanji characters: ,
keyword: religion , japan
translation: gate of Shinto shrine, torii
check also: 神社 , Torii


pronunciation: torikago
kanji characters: ,
keyword: pet
translation: bird cage


pronunciation: torikeshi
kanji characters: ,
other spells: 取り消
translation: cancellation, revocation, withdrawal
取消す: torikesu: cancel, retract, revoke, withdraw, recant
取消の出来る: torikeshinodekiru: revocable <<< 出来
取消の出来ない: torikeshinodekinai: irrevocable, beyond recall
失言を取消す: shitsugennotorikesu: retract one's words <<< 失言
synonyms: 解消 , 破棄 , キャンセル


pronunciation: torikumi
kanji characters: ,
keyword: sport
translation: match, bout
好取組: koutorikumi: interesting match, feature bout <<<
synonyms: 試合 , マッチ


pronunciation: torime
kanji characters: ,
keyword: disease
translation: night-blindness, nyctalopia, bird's eye
鳥目の: torimeno: night-blind


pronunciation: toriniku
kanji characters: ,
keyword: meat
translation: chicken, fowl
synonyms: チキン

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